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An experienced lender in the finance market, Money3 has been providing personal and car loans since 2000. Specialising in small loans from $2000 - $35,000, Money3 offers secured and unsecured loans to people with good or bad credit histories. In fact, they openly encourage those with bad credit to apply by stating “everyone deserves a second chance”.

Money3 currently has offices over 50 locations across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia.

Money3 Car Loans

Money3 actively advertises to two select groups - people who are employed but struggle to get finance approval for various reasons, and the applicants receiving Centrelink benefits who may need to buy a small car to get around. These people generally have:

  • Bad credit ratings
  • Default history
  • Tried unsuccessfully with major banks and financial institutions
  • Difficulties saving the money themselves

Simple Money 3 Loan Applications

Money3 has a simple application process, given they only have one car loan product. It’s features include:

  • Terms from 3 months - 3 years
  • Loan repayment terms tailored to your individual set of circumstances, and are made by direct debit weekly, fortnightly or monthly to coincide with your current pay frequency
  • No early repayment costs

Approvals for Money3 Car Loans are incredibly fast. To submit an application, all you need is:

  • 100 points of identification, such as driver’s licence, passport, utility bill, birth certificate or Medicare card.
  • Bank statements for the previous 90 days
  • Bank statements for the previous 6 months and Business Activity Statements / Tax Return for the self-employed

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