Can I Get Car Finance with Bad Credit?

If you've had a few financial knocks or missed a bill payment, you might be concerned that it'll be harder to get the car loan that you need. Rest assured, you're not alone, bad debt is something that we often see at Positive Lending Solutions.

Fortunately, we can help you even if you've got some debt. Positive Lending Solutions have been helping many Australians just like you to get a car loan at a reasonable rate, and we can do the same for you.

At Positive Lending solutions, we specialise in helping Australians put their bad credit history behind them. Using our insight into the Australian lending market, our mission is to stay ahead of the game, ensuring that you get access to the finance that you need, on your own terms.

Life doesn't always go to plan, and sometimes you get a bit behind, but you can turn that around!

We're committed to helping Australians just like you to build secure financial futures for themselves and their families, and this means giving you access to fair and affordable loans right when you need them.

Often customers struggling to overcome their credit history don’t realise that securing a loan like car finance can actually help them to repair their credit history.

Use bad credit car finance to get better credit

With our help and insight, and by successfully finding a car loan and making your repayments on time, you can help chip away at your poor credit and repair it.

A strong car loan history behind you will stand you in better stead for your future applications like home or commercial loan applications.

With affordable bad credit car finance in place, all you'll need to do is make sure you make each repayment on time. This will improve your credit score, and before long you'll be back on track with good credit.

The types of credit defaults we can assist with are short or no credit history, late payments, Part IX Debt Agreements, or too many credit enquiries.

We can even help if you've been discharged from bankruptcy. If you're in need of some bad credit finance, you can get more information by completing and online quote or application.

You can be sure that our car loan brokers will listen to all of your circumstances, and present your application in the best possible light to the lender to show that you can be relied on to pay back the loan on time.

This is the first step to getting your credit score back on track and setting you up for a healthy financial future.

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