Car Loan Comparison Guide

When you're looking for a car loan, it pays to compare all of your car loan options. This means you want to look at the different types of car loan that you could apply for to find the most suitable loan, and it also means comparing products across the different lenders, from Australia's big 4 banks, to smaller niche lenders offering unique, personally tailored products.

Be confident you're getting the best deal with access to car loan options from 15 specialist lenders and big banks.

When you apply for a car loan with Positive Lending Solutions, your car loan broker will use the information on your application to compare your car loan options across our panel of lenders.

Because they write car loans every day, our brokers have the latest knowledge about the loan products available, and they are committed to applying their expertise in car loan comparison to ensure that you get the best value for money available on the market.

Compare Car Loans yourself, then ask an expert

When you complete a quick quote, you'll get a rough idea of what your repayments will be. For a more detailed car loan comparison, and the exact car loan options that you can choose from you'll need to give us a little more information, and we'll narrow down the car loans that your eligible for.

Tell our car loan brokers what loan features you are looking for, and we'll do the full car loan comparison to give you some options. You might want to leave your options open to purchase your car through a private sale or a dealership if you haven't found the perfect car yet.

Shopping for a car can be hard work, but you don't need to be anxious about it, we've got your back. You can find the car on your own from a dealership, or scout private sales backed by the confidence that your loan is pre-approved, and you've got an exact budget to work within.

If you need a helping hand to find your car, we can help, or there's numerous car sales websites where you can start your research, and find out what kind of car you can afford.

One great place to start your research is by using our car loan calculator to get an idea of the loan repayment range you can expect across 3 different lenders.

With an idea of your repayment figure, you might be ready to get an exact quote from a car loan broker by calling 1300 722 210.

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