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Melbourne has an extensive public transport network, but the trains might not come right when you need them!

Take Sophie for example. She’s a fashion designer in her 20’s living in Bonbeach can choose to own a car and drive 30 minutes to work in Scoresby, paying $5.60 each day in tolls ($112 per month), or get public transport which takes 90 minutes and costs $131.04 each month in 2016.

That’s a no-brainer - for the extra 2 hours each day, a Melbourne car loan is totally worth it.

She barely uses the car on weekends, preferring public transport to visit the city and walking around her local area. But her little Suzuki Alto is invaluable when it’s raining and she’s prefer to stay dry.

It’s totally worth getting Melbourne car finance for the weekends, even if you can get convenient public transport to work during the week.

Car Loans Melbourne for weekend exploring!

Living in Melbourne you simply have to check out Victoria’s most famous drive - the Great Ocean Road, 243 km from Torquay to Warrnambool. There’s tons to explore, and you’ll probably want to go back once you’ve had a taste.

Drive the Great Ocean Road

Depending on the time of year and how adventurous you are, you can surf, scuba dive, sea kayak, walk sections of the Great Ocean walk breathing in the sea air. There’s also an abundance of local markets, fine dining and fresh produce.

It wouldn’t be very Australian of us if we didn’t mention the breweries and cellar doors you can visit to break up the drive either.

Some of the highlights are:

Great Otway National Park

There’s 10 waterfalls located within walking distance of Lorne, and that’s only the beginning!

The Twelve Apostles

These stunning rock formations are a must see.

Flagstaff Hill Sound and Laser Show

This is a treat for the kids too! While you are in Flagstaff, you might meet the Middle Island Maremma, guardian dogs for the local penguin colony, featured in the Australian movie ‘Oddball’.

Day spas and pampering

There’s numerous spas and retreats where you can get out of the weather and really relax.

Lighthouses - with spectacular views and rich history.

Events - from Falls Festival to the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach there’s always something on whether you like getting into the adventure,immersing yourself in the local culture and art at the Birregurra Festival, or sampling local food and wine.

Weekends of Wine

Another worthwhile weekend drive from Melbourne is the Mornington Peninsula. Just 2 hours from Melbourne you find the most exceptional Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in Australia, as well as amazing beaches in scenery.

Once you've had enough wine, or if you've got the kids along, there's still plenty to do. There's a lavender farm, at Main Ridge Dairy you can meet the goats that provide the milk and see the whole cheese-making process from beginning to end. You'll be able to buy local produce right from roadside stalls, or choose to taste the produce prepared at reputable local eateries.

At Red Hill Market you'll find over 300 stalls offering fresh baked bread, local produce, jams and preserves as well as handmade artisan crafts. If this is a bit overwhelming, there's smaller markets at Balnarring Racecourse (crafts), Boneo Community, Rye and Sorrento. It's the perfect way to meet the locals and soak up the creative atmosphere.

Or check out the famous Yarra Valley, the origin of wine-making in Victoria.

Camping and Outdoors

For more beaches, hiking experiences and close-up nature I would definitely recommend visiting Wilson’s Promontory National Park, or ‘The Prom’ as it’s affectionately know by the locals.

Just a 3 hour drive from Melbourne, it’s a popular weekend destination

There’s lots of short walks, or overnight hikes if you’re game, and you can choose to camp or stay in a hut, cabin or lodge.

3 Key Tips to Driving in Melbourne:

After talking with Melbournites this week, I put together their 3 key tips for driving in Melbourne:

  1. Keep a level head
  2. Go with the flow of traffic
  3. Don’t hesitate.

Driver’s in Melbourne can be a little aggressive, so be confident in your decisions on the road. There’s also lots of cyclists on the roads, so be aware of them.

“But what about the trams?” Here’s what you need to know about driving with trams:

Sharing the road safely with trams

One thing about Melbourne that you notice right away is that there are a LOT of trams. If you’re not driving your car around, there’s a good chance you’ll be catching a tram instead. So here’s what you need to know to avoid hefty fines when you’re sharing the road with trams:

  • When a tram is stopped at a tram stop, you need to stop level with the rear of the tram until the doors close and all the passengers have cleared the road (fine $292).
  • Once the doors are closed and it’s safe to proceed, you must not exceed 10 km/h
  • Give way to all trams at roundabouts (fine $204)
  • Don’t move into the path of a tram (fine $117)
  • Don’t drive over double yellow lines or a raised dividing strip (117)
  • Don’t make a U-turn across a solid line on the centre of the road (fine $233)
  • Don’t park within 20m of a tram stop unless there is a sign permitting parking (fine $117)
  • Do not double park (fine (70).
  • You can only drive 50m in tram lane to turn right or avoid an obstacle, as long as you don’t delay a tram.
  • Hook Turns: This means turning right from the left hand side of the road. There will be a sign indicating that that’s what you should do.
Hook Turn

Now you can see that if you don’t have a car in Melbourne, you’ll really be missing out on great weekends and unforgettable experiences. And you might be wasting hours of your life on public transport that you’d rather spend on your new hobby, starting a business, or relaxing with your family.

The perks of a Melbourne car loan are clear, so if you’re ready to find out how you can get your own car loan, give one of our brokers a call on 1300 722 210 or fill out a quick quote form to get a call to find out your options.

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