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The Western Australian Government have committed to a plan called Transport@3.5million which provides a long-term guide to development of Perth and Peel’s transport network. It’s expected that there will be 800,000 new homes here in the next 35-40 years.

Until this plan is approved and implemented, you’re definitely going to need a car to get around in one of the most isolated and sprawling cities in Australia, with suburbs extending 50km from the city centre.

So it’s not surprising that Perth has one of the highest ratios of car ownership in the world. And, unless you’re really good at stashing away your cash, you’ll need a car loan in Perth to get yourself the right vehicle.

Get a Perth Car Loan For Weekend Adventures

During the week it might be okay to catch public transport to and from work, but when it comes to the weekend you may want to venture a little further afield. Living in Perth especially, you’re not far from some stunning forests, surf beaches, wineries and caves that are just waiting to be explored.

Explore Caves Road in your new car

One great drive you might want to take is Caves Road. This scenic road runs adjacent to the Margaret River for 111 kilometres, connecting western Busselton with the fishing town of Augusta, a beautiful alternative to the Bussell Highway.

There’s plenty to do if you want to stop and stretch your legs:

Limestone Caves

There are 4 limestone caves that are open to the public at Yallingup, Mammoth, Lak, and Jewel.

Cellar doors

Here’s wineries list you can use to plan your trip - you might need to designate a driver though, just to be safe!

Go Surfing

With a huge total of 75 different surf breaks to choose from, you’re best to pick one that looks great and stick to it or you could easily spend hours driving up and down the coast looking for the best wave.

Explore the Boranup Forest

In this amazing nature retreat you'll find the 3rd tallest trees in the world.

Family Fun within a short drive

There’s so many things to do close to Perth that it’ll take quite a while before you run out of new ideas. Here’s a few more of my favourite destinations: swim with dolphins

  • Swim with the Dolphins - just 45 minutes south of Perth. If you’re not keen to get wet, you can spectate, or there’s lots of other options, including a glass bottom boat cruise from Penguin Island, sea kayaking, or kite-boarding if you’re keen to get some air and adventure.
  • Fremantle Prison Tours: if you’re really brave you can even explore the prison tunnels at night, when the horror stories will really come to life. Kids will love this just as much as the adults.
  • The Space Place Observatory: located 90 minutes from the centre of Perth, it’s far enough from the city lights to give you a clear view of the night sky.

Get outback with a 4-wheel drive car loan

Perth is a great place to own a 4wd as there’s so many exciting places to visit nearby that you’d never see without one.

The Gibb River Road is 709 km of dirt track that can be accessed from May until October. Starting in Broome, you’ll drive through El Questro, an outback station that’s larger than the UK. You’ll be able to drive this road safely without 4wd experience, just don’t go right at the start of the season as many of the river crossings are still challenging at this time.

off road

You will need to plan ahead and make sure you take a jerry can of fuel, and know where you’ll be able to access services like windscreen replacement or a new car tyre. Don’t be daunted, there’s lots of locals who’ve documented their experiences in WA, so you can read up on what you’ll need for your next 4wd adventure.

If the Gibb Road sounds a little too epic, you can start with something shorter, like the 145km Skull Springs Road near Port Hedland, which you’ll be able to drive in a day.

How Do I Apply For a Perth Car Loan?

It’s easy to apply for a car loan in Perth. All you need to do is call up a car finance broker or ask for a quick quote if you’d prefer a call back.

Once you speak to a car finance broker, they’ll be able to assess your finance situation and give you an accurate quote for a car loan.

You’ll be given a few options to choose between. And don’t worry, we can get a car loan for:

Once you’ve selected a car loan that’s going to meet your needs, you can apply for a pre-approval so you can move right away when you find the right car.

You’ll need some ID, payslips or other proof of income, and pretty soon you’ll be ready to start looking for your ideal car. One place to start your research is Australia’s Best Car Websites. You’ll find lots of other handy information about car buying and the things you need to be aware of in our information centre.

Once you find the car you think you’ll buy, it pays to get it checked out by a mechanic that you trust. If you don’t have one already, we’ve researched how to find an Accredited Mechanic to make buying your car and looking after it easier.

If you have a great mechanic already that you can recommend we’d love to add to our local Perth list mechanics that’ve been tested out by our customers - just email us and I’ll add them to our list.

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