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Multiple documents can be supplied to support your plan, but must be in a singular file (.zip .rar preferred).If you have trouble submitting your plan, please email all required information to


From humble beginnings in a home office, Tom and Mark Caesar have grown Positive Lending Solutions as an Australian small business on the rise to a stage of rapid growth (200% YOY, last four years).

Specialising in a wide range of financial products including car and personal finance, property loans and financial planning the team has grown to 45 staff servicing thousands of clients year round.


We have a passion for supporting entrepreneurship, start-ups and mentoring small businesses in the areas of marketing, technology and community engagement.

Positive Lending Solutions have set themselves apart from their competition through core values in entrepreneurship, developing custom software applications and adopting technology early to increase business efficiencies at scale.


We’re committed to encouraging the growth of innovation and business acumen in young people, and to that end we are proud to introduce the Positive Lending Solutions Entrepreneur Award.

Designed to help young entrepreneurs on their journey, the award is aimed as assisting with the rising costs of education, and the pursuit of outstanding ideas.

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Positive Start Award

Positive Lending Solutions will sponsor one (1) $2,500 award for the best submitted entry determined by our judging panel.

In addition to the prize we are keen to support the winner with CEO level advice from Tom Caesar, local media opportunities, career advice and support from our team.

Eligibility Requirements

Any 2018 University student. Applicable students must be enrolled before the deadline ends.

Eligibility extends to those who are studying full time, part time and off campus.

Submission Deadline

August 31st, 2019.

The Pitch - Your Entrepreneurial Business Plan


Create and submit a plan to support your entrepreneurial idea. The key element of your application is the development of a plan to support your idea. You can 'pitch' this as you see necessary but keep in mind, with both elements there are no restrictions, go for it!

Guidelines to include:

  • Create and submit a plan to support your entrepreneurial idea.
  • Describe your idea, business or product.
  • What is unique about this idea and how you would 'take it to market'. Real life examples and supporting information is great.
  • Discuss the marketplace you want to enter (competitors, where you fit).
  • Describe your experience supporting this idea and why you are passionate about it.
  • Ideas around how you plan to market the product or service.
  • Develop a cash flow statement.
  • What would you intend to do with the funds?

Get creative with your plan, as long as it is under the 2,000 word limit and can be attached here, sky’s the limit.

As long as you have covered the main points above you can pitch the plan in the most compelling way you can, presentation format, video, websites and real life examples are great.

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Tips for Application Success

  • Be creative, we're looking for great ideas that can be executed and communicated simply. There are no boundaries to the plan and your great idea, think about including: images, video, photo's, products, designs, again sky's the limit.
  • Bring your plan to life, use real life examples if you can.
  • Your business plan should be roughly 2000 words.
  • Through the course of the competition we will look to update further resources and tips in this section.
  • Multiple documents can be supplied to support your plan, however the final file must be in a singular compressed file.

Winner Selection and Announcement

The winner will be selected and announced on our blog and on this page on September 30th, 2019. We will also look to highlight performances of distinction.

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Terms and Conditions

All information collected is for the purposes of the award program only and will not be used for any other purposes or parties.

No purchase necessary for entry or winning.

Positive Lending Solutions reserves the right to publish submitted work at the conclusion of the entry period in any manner Positive Lending Solutions deems appropriate. In such cases (i.e. acknowledging distinction entries), any efforts to do so will be communicated prior with the applicant.

Selection of the winning submission is at the discretion of the Positive Lending Solutions panel of judges. The winner will be contacted by the email address and telephone number provided. The winner will be confirmed ONLY after satisfactory proof of enrolment and standard vetting criteria are met. Upon confirmation of enrolment, the winner will be publicly announced on Positive Lending Solutions website. In the event a winner cannot, meet the eligibility criteria, a secondary winner will be chosen.

Any educational institution looking to promote this award must contact our awards team at