Renault Car Loans

Renault Car Loans

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Drive affordable French style with Renault finance

If you're image aware, from what you wear, to your home, and your car, then you should consider Renault finance to buy a car that's a sincere extension of your style.

Why drive a Renault?

If you're looking for style, reliability and great value all in the one car, you're in the right place. Renault's newest models are a revelation in quality.

You'll purchase a Renault for its attractive exterior, and then be delighted to find you've also got yourself a well-connected, really reliable car.

You can buy a Renault using Renault finance.

Why choose Positive Lending Solutions for your Renault car loan?

A Renault car loan from Positive Lending Solutions will get you a better deal on Renault finance.

  • Using a car loan broker, rather than a bank or car dealer, you'll get a larger choice of Renault car loans to maximise your savings.
  • Exceptional Renault car loans from recognised leading lenders.
  • Talk to someone who's local.
  • Faster approvals and settlements through our custom technology and lender connections - don't wait for an answer.
  • Too busy, or not sure what you need? Use our vehicle sourcing service and have us find, check and deliver your new Renault.

At Positive Lending Solutions, you'll find the Renault car loan that fits your finances perfectly.

Your Renault car loan

Getting the right Renault car loan is easy.

  • Save up to 17% on Renault finance
  • 90% of applications are approved within 24 hours.
  • Buy dealer new, secondhand or private sale.
  • Self-employed or low income? No worries!
  • Get Renault finance anywhere from your mobile phone.
  • Same day loan settlement as your Renault car loan contracts will be emailed right to you.
  • Choose how you want to communicate - SMS, email or telephone!

Talk to our friendly staff on [phone] about getting your fast Renault car loan.

Popular Renaults

Renault Clio

Renault Clio

Image courtesy of Car Showroom

The Clio's 1.2L turbocharged petrol engine is very smooth down to 1500rpm. Expect quiet, economical touring, responsive road feel, and automated parking that handles reverse parallel, perpendicular and even 45 degree angle parks.

It's fun to drive, with light steering and accurate cornering. Inside the Clio Intens you'll even find velvet trim.

Drive the competent Renault Clio from $16,500 or purchase with Renault finance from $80/week*.

Renault Captur

With a total of 36 colour combinations, the Captur gives you an opportunity for self-expression. The newest generation of this front-wheel-drive SUV has true flair.

Renault Captur

Image courtesy of Top Gear

With more storage space than its rivals, it's a great crossover for families who want a bit of space and a unique, attractive car.

Prices start from $27,000 or get Renault finance from $120/week*.

Renault Megane

Combining sleek sophistication with sporty aggression, this French star has plenty of space inside. It's highly economical to drive, compared to its Japanese competitors, and perhaps best of all, only needs a service every 12 months or 30,000 km.

Renault Megane

Image courtesy of Top Gear

Perfect as a wagon, sedan or hatch for families considering an SUV but prefer a dynamic drive experience to off-road ability.

The Renault Megane starts at $22,500 or purchase with Renault finance from $100/week*

*Over a five-year loan term.

If you're considering a Renault, you can get a personalised Renault car loan quote for the model you like best.

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