Ford Focus RS 2016 Review

Ford Focus RS 2016 Review

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Ford Focus RS 2016 aggregated reviews

Cars Guide: 9/10
Motoring: 8.4/10
Drive: 7.5/10
Car Advice: 9/10
Car and Driver: 9/10
Combined total score: 8.58/10

We love:

  • So Much Fun
  • Great value
  • Grippy on the road, easy to drive fast
  • Fantastic sound

Pain points:

  • Interior lacks flair
  • Heavier than rivals

Ford Focus RS 2016 review

There was a lot of hype around the 2016 Ford Focus RS, so can this super-hot hatch live up to its reputation? Sit tight as we explore the limits or find out more about Ford car loans.

Exterior of the Ford Focus RS 2016

The subtle exterior design belies the vivacious, wild performance that the Ford Focus RS 2016 is capable of. Nitrous blue paint gives it a unique, sporty look, but it's also available in metallic Magnetic Grey for $450 if you want to blend in a little.

Available colours for Ford Focus RS 2016. Image courtesy of Car Showroom.

Compared to the regular Ford Focus this year, the front end and spoiler a slightly more aggressive attitude indicating that this hot hatch is something a little bit different.

Inside the Ford Focus RS 2016

The inside of the Ford Focus RS 2016 doesn't live up to its European rivals, but you're still getting a leather wrapped, flat-bottomed steering wheel, and a bunch of extra gauges like turbo pressure, oil pressure and temperature mounted on the top of the dashboard.

Dashboard. Image courtesy of Car Advice.

The front seats are Recaro racing-style, with excellent support, a leather and faux suede trim. The position isn't as low as you might like on the track, but it's good for all other driving.

In the back there's enough space to fit a bike, and even ISOFIX points for the back seat, making it pretty practical as an everyday car too. The boot holds 350 litres of luggage.


There's an eight-inch touchscreen with Microsoft entertainment, but no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. It's fair to say that this car is built to connect you to the road rather than to your phone. In the words of Tyrone Johnson, the cars chief engineer:

“When they tell me Bluetooth makes the car go faster, then I’ll mention it.”

What's it like to drive a Ford Focus RS 2016?

The manual transmission has well-spaced ratios creating deft gear changes for an enthusiastic driver. Plant your foot and you'll get from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in 4.7 seconds. Stick it into 'drift mode' and relish the oversteer as you accelerate out of the tight bend. It's exhilarating even in the 'tamer' Sport mode.

"The manual transmission was chosen because it's 30kg lighter than any dual clutch automatic" - Tyrone Johnson, Ford Performance Engineering Manager (experience in both F1 and WRC programs).

'Drift' mode is essentially a configuration that delivers more power to the outside rear wheel through the all-wheel-drive system. The system senses when you're losing control and reduces power to the wheels. The Ford Focus has a maximum speed of 266 kilometres per hours, but it really hits its element in the corners, where the powerful braking and resistance to brake fade ensures you corner faster with more grip through the sticky tyres.

Nitrous Blue Ford Focus RS 2016. Image courtesy Car Magazine.

Super-direct steering takes just two turns to bring the wheel from lock to lock. The main negative to the driving experience is the turning circle, which is huge for a car this small, and when you drive it hard it's not the most economical on fuel.

It doesn't just feel good to drive the Ford Focus RS 2016, it sounds great too, with engine purr amplified by a digital sound enhancer and the large exhaust 'crack' when you back off the accelerator.

Who's the Ford Focus RS 2016 for?

The lack of automatic option will restrict the audience for the Ford Focus RS 2016 to those willing to commit and pay attention to their driving all the time. If you're focused on performance and not looks, then you'll get a lot out of this car.

It's 24 kilowatts more powerful than the Mustang, the potent and highly strung engine ensures this is not the car for those who prefer to relax.

The cheapest-for-the-performance hatch that you'll find anywhere, the Ford Focus RS 2016 is made for anyone who can see past interior niceties and a little discomfort and appreciate the sheer wild fun you can have with this car that can still double as your everyday ride.

Feature Summary

Price: new from $50,990

Engine: 2.3L four-cylinder, 257kW/440Nm (or 470Nm on overboost)

Transmission: six-speed manual AWD

Wheels: 19-inch alloy wheels with Michelin Pilot Cup Sport 2 tyres

Safety: 5 star ANCAP

Fuel: 10.8L/100km

Emissions: 190g/km

AV and tech: 8-inch Microsoft powered infotainment.

Seats: 5

Doors: 5

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