Honda Civic Type R 2017 Review

Honda Civic Type R 2017 Review

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Honda Civic Type R 2017 aggregated reviews

Cars Guide: 8.1/10
Motoring: 8.3/10
Drive: 7.5/10
Car Advice: 8.5/10
Car and Driver: 10/10
Combined total score: 8.48/10

We love:

  • This car is FAST
  • Ideal clutch feel and crisp shifting
  • Grippy front-end
  • Fixed price servicing excellent value for performance

Pain points:

  • Polarising design
  • No spare wheel
  • Multimedia system is confounding

Honda Civic Type R 2017 review

This performance car with its street racer vibe will send chills down the spine of car lovers. It's even got a third exhaust pipe to increase the sound from the engine, amplifying the 5.7s 0-100km/h acceleration in the first Honda Type R to boast a turbo-charged engine.

Exterior of the Honda Civic Type R 2017

Just like the inside, the Honda Civic Type R leaves no fence sitters. Love it or hate it, you're sure to notice this car's street-racer presence - and you'll hear it coming too.

The Type R doesn't slide under the radar, with aggressive looks that remind you of a Japanese comic. The thin Continental tyres have been designed specifically for this model, and there's a slit in the engine bonnet to enhance engine cooling.

On the road: Honda CIvic Type R 2017

Image courtesy of Motor Mag.

Vortex generators on the rear roof direct airflow over the high rear spoiler, generating downforce that counters the front-wheel drive power at high speed.

This 'hot hatch' is longer, wider and more aggressively styled than it's predecessor, or most of its competitors including the VW Golf GTI or Ford Focus RS.

Inside the Honda Civic Type R 2017

The newest version of the Type R is designed for performance first. Custom made Honda seats replace the five kg heavier Recaros in the previous model. Racy red trim that's literally everywhere reminds you this is no ordinary car.

Red trim interior: Honda Civic Type R 2017

Image courtesy of Motor Mag.

The driving position is low, the Honda bucket seats giving a comfortable, sporty driving position. The boot space is as large as the Honda Civic, despite the large exhaust system, at the expense of a spare wheel. Rear seats have reasonable space too, and there are two ISOFIX points to secure child seats.


You're not driving a Type R to stay connected - you're driving it to drive. So the overly fiddly multimedia system can be forgiven. You do get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which means you can navigate to where you need to go and take those urgent calls.

You can even play music, but we don't recommend it. Sit back, strap in and enjoy the noise of the engine as you leave other hot hatches in the dust.

What's it like to drive a Honda Civic Type R 2017?

Steering, braking and changing gears in the Type R are confidently executed, creating a visceral driving experience from acceleration to slowing that gives you the power to drive to the limits, and know that the car will be up to the challenges you throw at it.

Rear Badge Honda Civic Type R 2017

Image courtesy of Motor Mag.

The slick gearbox lets you short-shift comfortably, with mid-mode 'Sport' handling beautifully on regular back country roads. Save +R for the track, where you can really push the limits of the Type R.

The front-wheel-drive performance rivals the pace and handling of rear wheel performance cars and promises to handle aggressive cornering with class.

Who's the Honda Civic Type R 2017 for?

The Type R meets the junction between outstanding track performance and a car that you can actually drive every day. Just put it into 'comfort' mode and the suspension actually becomes... comfortable.

This car is ideal for the regular track lover who doesn't want to own a second car for weekend fun.

Feature Summary

Price: $50,990

Engine: 2.0L turbo petrol naturally aspirated

Transmission: Six-speed manual

Wheels: 20-inch

Safety: 5 star ANCAP

Fuel: 9.8L/100km

Emissions: 200g/km

AV and tech: 7-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Seats: 5

Doors: 4

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