Must-Have New Car Features for 2019

12 Must-Have New Car Features for 2019

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The latest in-car technology

If you’re thinking of getting a new car, you'll discover the incredible strides in-car tech features available on the market today. From state-of-the-art sound systems and infotainment to safety and driving assist features that make every journey enjoyable – you won’t be disappointed when it comes to the car features currently available.

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Consider these features before your vehicle purchase

Whatever new car you choose to purchase, you’re likely to be spoiled for choice when it comes to features for you to enjoy. Offering enhance safety, comfort and ease, it’s certainly an exciting time to get a new car.

1. Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth has totally changed the way new car features operate and it’s making driving life a real pleasure. By using Bluetooth connectivity, you can control your car even when you’re not inside it. Download apps to your phone and link to Bluetooth to do everything from remote locking to checking fuel and battery levels.

2. Voice control

When you’re driving, you need everything else to be hands-free. That’s why voice control has made driver’s lives so much easier with the capacity it offers to carry on using your devices without having to move your hands from the wheel. Voice control allows you to do everything from making and receiving calls and messages, to controlling your cars Infotainment system - simply say your command.

3. Heated seats

In the middle of winter, you’ll love this must-have car feature and really appreciate the level of comfort it brings. Most new cars now have dual controls so if the driver and the passenger want different levels of heat, it’s no problem. Heated seats in the second row of cars are becoming increasingly popular.

4. Automatic tailgate

A great new car feature which is perfect for utes and hatchbacks. Never worry about reaching for or struggling the tailgate again – simply use the sensors near the rear bumper to open the tailgate automatically. Ideal for when you’ve got your hands full.

5. Reversing camera

While many cars have featured reversing sensors previously, one of the hottest must-have car features is now reversing cameras. If you’re constantly having to park in tight spaces, these cameras will make life so much easier – turning on automatically when you’re reversing.

6. Apple Car Play / Android Auto

You’re on your mobile phone most of the day, why should long journeys be any exception? Apple Car Play or Android Auto allows you to use your phone for everything from calls to navigation guidance – all controlled from your car’s touchscreen which is easier and safer than straining to look at your phone’s screen. Note that learners and P-platers are still not allowed by law to operate a mobile phone when driving, even via Apple Car Play or Android Auto.

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7. Autonomous emergency braking

Not only a must-have new car feature but also a really important safety consideration, AEB helps to prevent head-on collisions using advanced detection technologies. If an object comes within a set range, the car will stop automatically – potentially saving lives.

8. Wireless charging

New car features are keeping up with current technology trends and many manufacturers now offer drivers wireless charging. This avoids tangles of wires on your dashboard and allows you to ensure your phone or devices never run out of battery juice.

9. Digital radio

Giving you far more listening options than standard radio, digital radio is a new car feature that will really enhance the enjoyment of your journeys. Find one-off radio stations you love and listen to music with better quality and tone. The reception on DAB+ technology is far superior to analogue radio.

10. Adjustable seating and steering

Your comfort is vital, especially if you’re using your car for long journeys. Whether you’re tall or short, or simply have a unique driving position that you prefer, the ability to adjust seats and steering will make a world of difference. New car features include more ergonomic designs to help prevent uncomfortable rides.

11. Lane-keeping assist

Another new car feature that helps to keep you and your passengers safe on the road. Lane Keeping assist helps to offer corrective steering input when the car crosses lane markings as well as braking help. This is not dependent on the driver and can act as a valuable tool.

12. Automatic day/night mirrors

Mirrors are essential to driving yet with it’s easy to get distracted by bright lights in your rearview mirror. Automatic day/night mirrors are a must-have car feature that help keep you focused and ensure clear vision in the midst of interference.

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