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How Car Loans Will Evolve In the Days Ahead

The auto financing industry adapts to the changing economic conditions with innovations. Amid the decreasing demand for cars, lenders are offering plenty of attractive car loan schemes and discounts. Meanwhile, traditional car lenders embrace digital technology to stay relevant and competitive.

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Car Loan Approved?

Need car finance? Find out how long it'll take and how you can speed the process up. With pre-approved fast car finance, you can buy your car with no hassle through a private sale or a dealer.

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14 Cars that Depreciate Slowly

Buying a car with view to upgrading in a few years?

You can still make the most of your purchase when you choose a car with slow depreciation and maximise your resale price. Check out our list of 14 cars that hold value here.

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How Does A Secured Car Loan Work?

If you're looking for a car loan for your next purchase, you'll need to understand what a secured car loan is, and why a secured car loan is the most commonly available type of car loan.

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Should You Get The Cheapest Car Finance?

Are you rate-shopping your next car loan?

Here's some essential tips on getting truly cheap car finance.

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How Do I Calculate Car Loan Repayments?

Here's how you can use a car loan calculator to narrow down your car loan options and make sure that you have all the information you need to apply for the right car finance.

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What is a business car loan?

When you use your car a lot for work, a business car loan could be the best option. Find out how business car finance works, and how you can apply for a business car loan.

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How To Sell Your Car When You Still Have a Car Loan

Selling a car that's still under finance? Get a complete guide to a successful car sale here. Find out exactly what you need to do to pay out your loan and sell the car free and clear.

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How Does Car Finance Work?

If you don't want to drain your savings to purchase your next car, then car finance is a good option. Find out how to get the best car finance deal on your new car.

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Car Loan Requirements

Applying for a car loan is simple when you use this clear checklist of car loan paperwork to prepare your car loan requirements. Got a question? Get a fast answer on SMS, email or phone.

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Chattel Mortgages Explained

With flexible repayment options that align with your business cash flow, a chattel mortgage is a business-friendly car loan option that helps you get the most out of your new asset right away.

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How to Sell Your Old Car

When it's time to part ways with your current set of wheels, the process of selling your car can be daunting. Here's a quick guide to preparing your car for private sale, whether you choose to sell it yourself or at auction.

You might even opt to donate your old car for a tax deduction.

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Personal Finance at the Movies

Make finance a little bit fun with some popcorn and one of our favourite flicks. Learning about personal finance can definitely be fun, whether you're counting pocket money or planning retirement, there's tips in the movies for you.

There's something here for all the family!

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Distracted Driving: Are You at Risk?

Driving distracted is when you’re doing anything other than concentrating on driving while you’re driving.

Whether it's using your mobile phone, chatting to a passenger or driving when you're tired, we take a deep dive into the stats and facts.

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Self-Driving Cars in Australia

Would you buy a self-driving car? How should the car be programmed to navigate a potentially dangerous situation? Have your say in the development of this exciting new technology and find out more about the future of transport.

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Can You Get an Electric Car Loan?

Why would you buy an electric car?

90% of car manufacturing executives predict that EV's will dominate the market in 2026 Read on to find out how your electric car will pay for itself.

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Love Your Car With Products Under $100

Valentine's Day is a good excuse to give your car some special attention too.

Enjoy that fresh new car feeling with 17 car care updates using products and tech additions for under $100 to update and refresh your driving experience.

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Build Your Emergency Savings This Year

With the start of a new year, finances play a big part of most Australian's New Year resolutions.

Our financial advisors offer some insight into one area where you'd be wise to concentrate your efforts this year.

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Where to Find the Best Xmas Lights in 2016

If you’re looking for the most exciting light (and sound!) displays near you this Christmas, we’ve put together the best of the best for 2016 right here.

So bundle up the kids, pack the cherries and pretzels, and get ready for the best Christmas drive ever!

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Positive Group Debuts 21st In The 2016 BRW Fast 100

We're honoured to be named 21st in the BRW Fast100 for 2016, making us one of the fastest growing finance brokers in Australia!

It’s another credit to the team for their outstanding work. And thank you to our wonderful clients for sharing our vision.

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Positive Credit Reporting - How Will It Affect You?

Have you ever missed a loan payment, or made a late payment on your bills? There's big changes coming to Australia's credit reporting system. Find out here how you are going to be affected!

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