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Do RBA Rates Affect Car Loans

Do RBA Rates Affect Car Loans?

RBA rates have been on hold for 24 months, so they have to go up sometime. Here's how RBA rates will affect your car loan, and how you can ensure that you always get the best possible car loan rate.

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Glossary of Car Loan Terms

Glossary of Car Loan Terms

Here's a complete list of the terms you need to know to understand your car loan contract.

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What Happens at the End of A Novated Lease

What Happens at the End of A Novated Lease?

A novated lease lets you buy a car with pre-tax income and save on GST. But what happens at the end of the lease? Find out your three options here.

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Self-Employed Before Financing a Car

How Long Do I Need to be Self-Employed Before Financing a Car?

You might be able to get a car loan on the first day you're self-employed. It just depends on your experience and the exact setup of your finances. A car loan specialist can help find all the options.

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Buy Your Car Online

Would You Buy Your Car Online?

Would you buy a car online? Find out what Australians think about a digital car purchase process, and how we compare to other countries around the world in embracing online car buying.

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Balloon Payment for Your Car Loan

When to Use a Balloon Payment for Your Car Loan

A balloon payment can help you to get the car that you want to fit within your budget, but when is it the right choice? Here's a breakdown of when to choose to take a balloon.

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Chattel Mortgages for a Sole Trader

Chattel Mortgages for a Sole Trader

A sole trader has a lot of responsibility. Let us make it easier with chattel mortgages that get you the right vehicle to improve your services and drive your business forwards this year.

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Things to Look Out for in a Car Loan Contract

7 Things to Look Out for in a Car Loan Contract

Before you sign a car loan contract, be sure to check for these 7 things. Take control of your finance and understand what your car loan contract means for you.

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Should I Get a Dealer or Bank Car Loan

Should I Get a Dealer or Bank Car Loan?

Dealer vs Bank Car Loans? Find out here how to choose the best deal by comparing your options, and find out the advantages of using these two different ways to buy a car. Plan your next car loan here.

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Change a Car Loan into a Novated Lease

Can I Change a Car Loan into a Novated Lease?

Have you been offered novated leasing as an option? Find out when you should make the switch, and what you'll need to do. Novated leasing can offer great benefits, so what could you gain?

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Novated Lease Or Salary Sacrifice

Novated Lease Or Salary Sacrifice?

Can you buy a car using your pre-tax income? Compare novated leasing and salary sacrifice options to work out if you can save by purchasing your car before income tax.

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Will Cosigning A Loan Help Me Get A Better Deal

Will Cosigning A Loan Help Me Get A Better Deal?

Cosigning a car loan is a substantial responsibility where you put your own money on the line for someone you trust to help them get a car loan. Here's what to consider before cosigning a loan.

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Research Before Buying a New Car

What to Research Before Buying a New Car

If you're buying a new car in 2018, you want to make the most of your new purchase. Here's a guide to the essential car research to help you decide which car to buy.

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Secured and Unsecured Car Loans

What's The Difference Between Secured and Unsecured Car Loans?

Need a small loan to buy a car? Here's how to decide between secured car loans vs unsecured car loans when you're looking to buy, and how to choose the best option for you right now.

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When Should I Refinance My Car Loan

When Should I Refinance My Car Loan?

If your circumstances have changed since you took out your car loan, you could get a much better deal now. Here's the complete guide to working out when you should refinance your car loan.

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End Of Year Car Sales

What Should You Expect At End Of Year Car Sales?

Looking to buy a new car but don't want to pay a new car price? Here's how to negotiate a great deal on a brand new car in the end of year car sales. Plate clearances mean you get a new car for less.

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Loan to Value Ratio

Loan to Value Ratio 101

A car loan LVR will determine whether you are approved for car finance, or whether you can easily refinance your car loan. Find out how to change your LVR and take control of your car finance now.

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Guide To Buying A Car For Christmas

A Guide To Buying A Car For Christmas

Are you feeling generous this Christmas? A car will show that special someone exactly where your heart is at, but how will you get the right one? Get the guide to buying a car at Christmas here.

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Best Uber Cars

The Best Uber Cars in 2018

What are the best cars for Uber? Meeting the Uber requirements is just one thing you want to consider. Here's our top 5 to keep you and your passengers comfortable and give you maximum ROI.

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New Year Financial Resolutions

2018 New Year Financial Resolutions

Making new years resolutions without a strong plan to back them up won't get you very far. Reach your financial goals in 2018 with these actionable finance tips that can change how the year will end.

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