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How Car Loans Will Evolve In the Days Ahead

The car financing industry adapts to the changing economic conditions with innovations. Amid the decreasing demand for cars, lenders are offering plenty of attractive car loan schemes and discounts. Meanwhile, traditional car lenders embrace digital technology to stay relevant and competitive.

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What is the Best Way to Shop for a Car Loan?

It’s smart to get a car loan pre-approval before accepting any offers because it helps you get an estimate of how much amount you can borrow and afford to repay. Knowing your borrowing power helps you efficiently compare interest rates and loan terms from multiple lenders and puts in a favourable position on the negotiating table.

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How to Get a Student Car Loan

College students can get approved for a student car loan in Australia as long as they are of legal age and are a natural-born or a permanent resident of the country. However, because they have an insufficient credit profile and may not have a stable source of income, they typically need to have a cosigner and a large down payment to secure the loan.

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Business Loan Requirements You Need to Meet

Whether you’re taking out a business loan from a bank or an online lender, you can improve your chances of approval if you know what what you need to prepare. Check out these business loan requirements and eligibility criteria that most lenders set.

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Money Management: Good Debt Vs Bad Debt

Taking out a debt can be a good or bad financial decision depending on the circumstances under which it is acquired. Good debt helps you earn more money and achieve your financial goals. Bad debt, meanwhile, puts you under a tremendous financial burden and worsens your overall economic situation.

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Funding Your Business: Loan or Equity Financing?

Taking out a business loan is more advantageous than getting an equity financing. It gives you faster access to funds and supports your business growth without sharing your profits and decision-making power to investors. It also helps build your credit score. Get to know more how a business loan differs from an equity funding in this article.

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Tips to Improve Your Personal and Business Financial Management

Good financial management is essential to achieving financial stability and building wealth. However, not everyone handles money efficiently. If you’re one of those who always struggle to make ends meet or get overwhelmed by business finances, it's time to cultivate good money habits and use technology and automation to make financial management easier.

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What Are Low Doc Loans and How Can You Get One?

Low documentation loans are ideal for business owners and independent contractors who often find it hard to prove their true income. While minimal paperwork is required, lenders still conduct an income verification process before deciding to approve or reject a borrower’s application. Here’s what you need to know about low doc loans.

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How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats and Online Scams

Cyber threats and scams target all companies, but small businesses are the most vulnerable because of the lack of cybersecurity tools and awareness. Cyber attacks and scams can result in financial loss and legal action. They also destroy the business reputation and consumer trust. Learn how to prevent cybercriminals from successfully exploiting your business in this article.

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Cyber Scams 2019 - What You Need To Be Aware Of

Australian businesses lost over $7.2 million in cyber scams back in 2018, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Knowing what these scams are and how to report them plays a crucial role in protecting yourself and your business.

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What Make Business Loans Effective

Business loans provide cost-effective financing if you need funds to keep your company stay afloat during tough times or pursue a new business opportunity, including expansion and growth. When taking out a business loan, always see to it that the potential return on investment of the new project outweighs the cost of the loan.

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How to Get a Business Loan Without a Security or Guarantor

Collateral and personal or third-person guarantee are usually required to get approved for a business loan. However, not all businesses have valuable assets to pledge and guarantors to take responsibility on behalf of the borrower in case of loan default. If your business is one of those that do not have collateral or guarantee, here are the alternative business financing that you can get.

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8 of the Best Australian-Built Cars

Australia has designed and produced some of the world’s best vehicles before shutting down its car manufacturing industry in 2017. Despite the death of the Australian-built vehicle, its legacy will be forever etched in our history. Check out these 8 of the best Australian cars that car enthusiasts and collectors would love to possess.

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How to Lease a Corporate Car

A car lease is a form of vehicle financing that allows businesses to use vehicles for a specified period of time and return it to the lessor after the leasing period ends. It provides a lot of benefits, including low monthly payments and no or low upfront cost. Getting a car lease for business is easy. Read this article to learn how.

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Using a Personal Loan to Fund Your Business

If you are an entrepreneur who doesn't qualify for a standard business loan or a small business loan, you can use a personal loan to fund your business projects. This financing alternative does not require collateral and proof of business stability. However, you need to have a good credit score to qualify. Read on to find out when it is wise to get a personal loan for business.

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5 Ways to Make Money Out of Your Car

Keeping up with your car loan repayments as well as car repair and maintenance does not have to be financially stressful. With an extra income, you can always have enough money in your pocket to cover the overall cost of owning a vehicle. Check out these five ways to make money out of your beloved car.

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How to Get an Unsecured Business Loan

It's harder to qualify for an unsecured business loan than secured business financing. Because no collateral is needed, lenders usually require borrowers to have a good credit score and good business revenue. Sometimes, borrowers may also need to present a personal guarantee and a business lien.

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What is a Small Business Cash Flow Loan?

Small businesses and startups that seek funds to cover working capital needs can benefit from a cash flow loan. This type of unsecured financing pays for emergency expenses and new business opportunities. It also helps temporary underfunded businesses make it through the slow period, avail trade discounts and create marketing and advertising campaigns.

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How to Spot a Great Vehicle Sourcing Provider

Vehicle sourcing providers can save you the hassle of going to the car dealership to look for your ideal car and negotiate for its price. Some even go the extra mile of arranging for the test drive and inspection, as well as car delivery or pick up. Not all car sourcers offer the same quality of service, however. Learn how to spot a good one with these telltale signs.

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Buyer’s Guide: 5 Best Convertibles in 2019

Convertibles are associated with fun, freedom and luxury. If you are one of the many enthusiasts who are planning to buy a convertible car this year, now is a great time to do so. The End Of Financial Year offers many great car deals as salespeople hustle to hit their yearly sales quotas. Check out these most popular and talked-about convertibles today.

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Chattel Mortgage for Tradies and Individual Business Owners

Tradies and individual business owners who need a vehicle for business purposes but do not have enough cash to make the purchase can take advantage of the chattel mortgage car loan. This type of car financing typically has a lower interest rate and flexible loan structure than standard car loans. It also provides many tax benefits.

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