9 Best Cars Under 30K

9 Best Cars Under $30,000

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Getting a car loan is a smart move when you want to buy a new car but are short on cash. However, it's not enough to calculate and compare car loan rates to get the best deal. You should also consider the cost of your vehicle. The cheaper your vehicle, the lower your interest rate and monthly payments.

This year we expect to see plenty of vehicle models under $30,000 with new body styles and technology especially SUVs, more hybrid options, and advanced technology and infotainment features.

Here are our top picks for Australia’s best cars under $30,000 this year:

1. Suzuki Swift Sport

Suzuki Swift Sport

Image courtesy of Cars Guide - hero Champion yellow option.

This zippy car is even lighter than before, weighing only 970 kilograms. The six-speed manual gearbox with torque converter extracts 103 kilowatts and 230 Newton metres from the 1.4-litre turbo-charged 'Boosterjet' engine to power its 17-inch alloy wheels. It even comes with 5-star ANCAP safety.

You'll buy this is if you're a fan of the Junior World Rally Championship, and in hero Champion yellow you'll find it easily in any car park. Fast, light, fun to drive, it's a hot hatch for any driver looking for an edge, in a car that's friendly on the bank balance.

$25,490 before on-road costs (cheaper than the VW Polo GTi and Renault Clio RS 200).

2. Mazda 3

Drive anywhere in Australia and you are sure to see a Mazda on the road - and for a very good reason. Mazda has a very competitive offering, combining the latest technology with safety and quality materials.

Mazda 3

Image courtesy of Cars Guide - classy charcoal black.

This family car has a sophisticated exterior, DAB+ radio and phone mirroring six-speaker entertainment, rearview camera and is available in hatch or sedan.

Buy this when you want a sleek family car that doesn't compromise handling.

Prices start at $21,490, increasing as you add more features.

3. VW Polo

The newest Polo has nearly as much space as the previous generation VW Golf. It boasts automatic emergency braking, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and will cost under $30,000, making it an affordable luxury small city car.

VW Polo

VW Polo 2018 - 'Energetic Gold' - Image courtesy of Cars Guide.

It claims 0-100 kilometres per hour in just 10.8 seconds, with fuel consumption of just 5.0 litres per 100 kilometres, the standard model is a steal at just $17,990. The luxury of the hatch is highlighted by the leather steering wheel, and the tiny engine is a 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbo.

Buy this car for luxury and economy. It's ideal for a small family or young professional living in the city. Even if you choose the top-spec model, you'll get the seven-speed DSG for just $22,990 before on-road costs.

4. Kia Cerato

Chosen here in part for the creative marketing campaign which pitches the 2018 Kia Cerato up against the Lamborghini Aventador, this spacious family car boasts the latest technology, including wireless phone charging, and plenty of space for luggage and four people.

Kia Cerato

Kia Cerato 2018 - Temptation Red, image courtesy of Cars Guide.

Longer, wider and taller than the previous model, this is a comfortable car in hatch or sedan, and though Australia won't get the new more efficient engine, when it launches mid-year it's expected to be a popular family vehicle. Prices start from $19,990.

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5. Honda HRV

This four-door wagon's most notable update in 2018 is the inclusion of the Honda-sensing active safety suite as standard in overseas markets - including AEB, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and lane-keeping assistance.

Honda HRV

Honda HRV Ti-S 2018 - mid-range model, image courtesy of Cars Guide.

Predicted to come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, there will be a petrol-electric hybrid seven-speed dual-clutch automatic option too. This five-door, front-wheel drive SUV is city-based, ideal for young families. Pricing is expected to start at around $24,990.

6. Nissan Juke

Very similar to the previous year's model, the new Nissan Juke is a city crossover with some key upgrades such as new colours, new alloy wheel designs, and a Bose personal audio system with two speakers built right into the driver's seat headrest. So far, this audio system is unique to Nissan.

Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke Ti-S AWD - Magnetic Red, image courtesy of Car Advice.

Starting from $23,490 as a front-wheel-drive manual, this city-based two-door SUV meets all the criteria for cuteness and the ability to personalise your car, while giving you enough ride height to be comfortable in traffic.

7. Peugeot 208 GTi

Just scraping into our budget for cars under $30,000, is the Peugeot 208 GTi. This hot hatch has bigger wheels, a lower stance, and dual exhaust tips setting it apart from previous iterations.

Peugeot 208 GTi

Peugeot 208 for 2018 - image courtesy of Which Car.

The cabin is sport-focused, with a tiny steering wheel, bucket seats, and aluminium pedals. While driver and passenger can get comfortable, there's not much extra space for groceries, luggage, and other items until you fold down the back seats.

Buy this for the powerful 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbo-petrol engine, 153 kilowatts and 300 Newton metres, which will take you from 0to 100 kilometres per hour in 6.8 seconds on sticky Michelin tyres.

Priced from $29,900.

8. Renault Megane

Here's why the lesser-known Megane makes the list:

Safety is a high priority, with AEB, adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning, blind-spot monitoring are standard, and the irresistible five-year warranty with full-term roadside assistance makes this an attractive family purchase.

Renault Megane

Renault Megane 2018 - image courtesy of Drive

It's also more environmentally friendly, using 6.1 litres per 100 kilometres and just 136 grams CO2 per kilometre. This car is for anyone looking for something upmarket with heaps of space, that you don't see everyone else driving.

Prices starting at $22,490 for the base model Zen.

9. Toyota Corolla

The popularity of SUVs has seen sales drop in Australia, but the Corolla is still a popular, affordable family car. This year it's sportier and upmarket, with a more powerful 'Dynamic Force' 2.0 litre naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla 2018 'Silver Pearl' - image courtesy of Cars Guide.

For the environmentally aware driver, the hybrid is expected to consume just 3.4 litres per 100 kilometres. Prices should start at about $24,000 for this all-new model, expected to arrive in August.

These are just nine of the best cars under $30,000 that you can find in Australian showrooms across the country. There may be many other affordable models with the specs you need that are not mentioned here. Opting to buy one of these affordable vehicles not only helps lower down the total cost of your loan; it also makes your monthly repayments more affordable.

Before taking out a car loan, always shop around not just for affordable car loan deals, but also for budget-friendly car prices. For more buying options that fit within your budget, don't forget to ask about our car sourcing options for access to wholesale prices on the right car for you.

With no pressure to stretch your budget, you'll find there's a car that's just right when you get the right advice from someone who's listening to your vehicle needs. Call 1300 722 210 now!

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