Best Electric Cars of 2018

Best Electric Cars of 2018

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Best electric cars of 2018

Made the decision to buy an electric car? There are some incredible options for electric vehicles (EVs) on the market this year. Our list of top electric cars weighs the vehicle features, cost and style to help you decide upon the ideal electric car for your needs.

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Our top five EVs

There's an overwhelming choice of EVs available on the Australian market at the moment, and the popularity of electric vehicles isn’t slowing down. Here are a number of different top-class electric cars for you to explore and enjoy.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

You may have heard of the Hyundai Ioniq – which is available as Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid EV, and Electric. It’s one of the most talked-about additions to the electric car market and has only recently been released in Australia.

Currently priced at around $45,000 AUD it can travel up to 280 km per charge with zero CO2 emissions. Its acceleration is impressive 9.9 seconds to reach 100kph and it can travel at a top speed of 165kph.

Comfortably seating 5 adults, the interiors are well thought out – and there’s a lifetime warranty on the battery.

View the Hyundai Ioniq Electric.

BMW i3

This is an excellent option for those who wish to combine eye-catching design with electrified city driving. It’s lightweight, easy to navigate, and fast - accelerating from 0-100kmp in 7.3 seconds.

The intelligent charging options help you stay flexible and also benefit from short charging times for your daily distances.

BMW priced their electric edition at around $69,000 AUD in 2018.

View the BMW i3.

Renault ZOE

Built from scratch as an electronic vehicle, this is an innovate model from the renowned French manufacturer. It has been cleverly designed throughout with a 338 litre capacity boot made possible by the batteries tucked under the floor.

The efficient charging system allows this electric car to charge easily at varying levels of power and the Renault ZOE can reach a full charge in 3-4 hours.

Acceleration to 100kph is 13.5 seconds, the car has a 300km range and the price sits at around $45,000 AUD.

View the Renault ZOE.

Nissan Leaf

An excellent option for those seeking a four seater hatch back electric car, the Nissan Leaf is ideal for safe city driving.

One of its most exciting features is the innovative e Pedal which is a regenerative braking drive mode which can be switched on and off – tying your regular breaks into the Leaf’s energy recovery system. The E-Pedal has been deemed as a huge step towards enabling driving using just a single pedal.

This electric car is priced at around $36,000 AUD and can accelerate to 96kph in 7.4 seconds. It offers a range of excellent features including adaptive cruise control and self-parking.

View the Nissan Leaf.

Tesla Model 3

The forerunner in producing some of the best electric cars, Tesla’s Model 3 arrived in Australia in August 2018. Its availability is still relatively limited, however the Model 3 is also Tesla’s most affordable electric car so far.

Praised for its easy handling, the minimalist interiors are positively mind-blowing – there are no keys or buttons and the vehicle is controlled using the 15-inch display central control panel. There’s also an option to control it simply from an app on your phone.

The Tesla Model 3 has a short range of 355km and an impressive acceleration to 97kph in just 5.6 seconds. Priced at around $48,000 this is truly one of the best electric cars.

View the Tesla Model 3.

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