Best Selling Cars of 2018

What are the Best Selling Cars of 2018?

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What are the best selling cars of 2018

Whether you’re planning on buying a new car this year, or you simply want to keep track of the best selling cars in 2018, there are some great vehicles on the market this year. We’ve gathered together a list of the best cars in 2018 from a variety of categories – from microcars and light cars to SUVs and family wagons.

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The best selling cars of 2018

Best Micro Car

The micro car is an ideal option for drivers in cities who need to squeeze into small parking spaces and dodge traffic on a daily basis.

The Kia Picanto S is an affordable model at just $14,190 with manual transmission. It’s easy to drive and boasts an unlimited kilometre warranty as well as roadside assist. It has a great fuel economy and every possible area of the interior has been utilised effectively.

Best Light Car

Another great option for city drivers or for those who have only recently got their driving licence, light cars remain easy to drive and are generally well priced.

The Mazda2 Maxx has remained consistently popular as one of the best selling cars of 2018 in this category. It’s more comfortable than you’d imagine for a car of its size and its engine is powerful and efficient. This model enjoys a 5-star ANCAP safety rating.

Best small car under $35,000

If you’re looking for a small car but still need space for the family and lots of luggage occasionally, there are many top selling small cars for under $35,000.

One of the best value for money small cars is the Mazda 3 Maxx Sport. Full of luxury features such as 16-inch alloys, dual zone climate control, auto wipers and headlights, this model also offers top range technology such as six speaker stereo with DAB, Bluetooth, and USB as well as keyless start and rear parking sensors.

Best small car over $35,000

If you’ve got a little more to spend, you’ll be spoilt for choice when looking for the best cars in 2018 in the small car segment.

The BMW 125i M-Sport is the company’s best-seller in the 1 series range, and with a driving experience like no other, you can see why. The engine spec is high and the car offers a comfortable and powerful ride to both driver and passengers.

Best medium car under $50,000

If you’re in the ‘in between’ phase and need a medium-sized car that is still a pleasure to drive and offers good value for money, you might want to consider the best selling Toyota Camry Ascent Hybrid.

The exterior has been almost completely remodelled and this mid-sized sedan is well designed with great aesthetics. The cabin is slightly bigger in the 2018 model and there’s a new set up for the engine, motor and battery too. Changes have been successful and the vehicle is one of the best cars in 2018.

Best medium car over $50,000

With a little extra cash, you could consider the BMW 330i Sport Line. Both sporty and practical, this car incorporates a classic design with all the useful features you crave, making it one of the best cars in 2018.

The ergonomics of this vehicle have been noted by drivers who praise the driving experience especially on long journeys. The infotainment system is top of the range and recent improvements to the ZF gearbox have made for an even better ride.

Best large car under $70,000

The Kia Stinger 200S is a car that makes a serious impression on anyone who sees it. Its striking appearance combined with some excellent features and powerful engine made it one of the best selling cars in 2018 in the large car segment.

For families with kids, there’s a good boot space of 406 litres and a 7-inch screen with both Apple Car Play and Android Auto. It’s an affordable option for a large sedan and has the added bonus of good fuel economy.

Best family wagon

There’s always competition in this category but one of the best selling cars in 2018 was the Honda Odyssey.

It’s one of the best looking people carriers you’ll find, and its spaciousness makes it a hit with busy families filling the car on a daily basis. There’s glass throughout the car with windows that’ll give everyone a great view, wherever you’re heading.

Best AWD SUV under $50,000

One of the best selling AWD SUVs available for under $50,000 is the Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium wagon. Starting at $42,640 it’s not the cheapest on the market but its extensive list of extras makes it great value for what you get.

You can enjoy a superb ride in comfort with electric front seat adjustment, heated front seats, keyless entry with push button start and plush interiors. Along with the four-cylinder engine, it uses a continuously variable transmission auto and has all wheel drive.

Best AWD SUV over $65,000

For an even more luxurious drive, you can head to the top end of the AWD SUV range and experience a Volvo XC60 D4 Inscription.

Australian drivers appreciate and enjoy Volvo’s seamless safety reputation with this AWD SUV and the beautiful Scandinavian feel to the interiors. Not only does it have 20-inch alloy wheels and a host of features including 12.3-inch digital dashboard and 9.0-inch vertical touchscreen, but it’s also powered by 2.0-litre four cylinder engines.

Want one of the best selling cars of 2018?

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