Common Car Loan Mistakes

Common Car Loan Mistakes That Could Cost You Money

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Car loans can help you get on the road and allow you to drive the car you want. However, they can also be confusing. Unfortunately, it’s fairly easy to make mistakes with car loans that end up being costly in the long term.

Speak to one of our car loan brokers who will not only direct you to some of the best deals available on the market but will also be able to offer advice and help whenever you need. With decades of experience, it’s worth trusting the experts to help you to avoid making mistakes.

Getting started

To apply for a car loan, you need to know what documents are required so that you can gather these and have them ready as soon as you have found the right lender for you.

Documents include:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of insurance
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residency

You should also have a fixed idea of exactly how much you want to spend with your car loan and how this will affect your monthly budget. Never stretch yourself financially as you may risk defaulting on payments.

Common car loan mistakes

Making mistakes on your car loan is generally expensive. Take your time at the start of the process and you’ll save yourself time, money and a huge amount of stress!

Failing to research

This is very common. But there’s simply no excuse for it since it’s never been easier to access information. Search online, talk to dealerships, read auto magazines. If you feel overwhelmed, speak to one of our experts to cut through the noise and make things simple.

Thinking about the car, not the loan

Again, this is easy to do and it’s a common mistake. Being led by your emotions, you start to think only about how much you want the car and see the car loan as of secondary importance. You need to switch up that thinking and realise that the loan is really essential to your chance of getting the car.

Failing to compare car loans

Car loans can vary dramatically. They’ll vary between different lenders and different loan products. You should always take the time to compare prices or ask one of our experts to do the job for you.

Only looking at rates

Yes, the rates are important and they’ll make up a big part of what you’ll pay. However, you also need to think about your down payment (if you have one) as well as the terms of the car loans and how long it will take to pay it back in full.

Failing to review your credit rating

Not having a good idea about your current credit score in advance of applying for a car loan is a big mistake. You need to have worked to improve your credit score in the months before applying for a car loan. Ensure it’s as high as it can be to get the best chance of a good car loan.

Ignoring your budget

It's easy to get carried away, especially when you see a car that you really want. However, it’s simply not worth stretching yourself so much financially that you could end up defaulting on your car loan and incurring fees. This will affect your credit rating and possibly your chances of borrowing in the future.

Let us help you avoid these common car loan mistakes

When it comes to car loans, we're the experts. We want to help make the car loan process as easy as possible for you.

We don’t want you to make mistakes that will be costly to you in the long term. Find out how we can guide you through the process and help find the right car loan for you. Contact us today for advice.

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