Car Loans For Single Parents

Car Loans For Single Parents

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If you’re a single parent, it’s possible that you may find it harder to get a car loan since you’ll be applying for one with a sole income.

Don’t panic — at Positive Lending Solutions we have decades of experience helping people in numerous different circumstances get the right car loan, and we can help you too. Find out more about single parent car loans.

What will affect car loans for single parents?

Unfortunately, many lenders rely heavily on a rigid set of criteria when deciding who to lend to. This can often be computer driven, so it’s always best to let us help you find a lender who is prepared to listen and consider your specific situation.

Some factors which could also affect your eligibility when applying for single parent car loans include:

  • Applying with a sole income
  • Benefits and parenting payments that you may receive
  • Regularity of your employment
  • Any existing debts or outstanding credit

As a single parent, you already have a full-time job looking after your children, so your employment may be more casual or irregular than some lenders are looking for.

Think outside the box

The best option for single parent car loans is often to look outside the box. Avoid the big commercial lenders or large banks, and start looking at different lenders instead — even those who specialise in car loans for single parents.

As brokers, we are passionate about our clients understanding the loan process, and we want to make the entire experience as positive as it can be. With experience helping people in similar situations to you, we will be able to direct you to the right lenders who will consider your circumstances with an open mind.

If you’ve been denied loans elsewhere, it’s easy to get disheartened. However, rest assured there are many options for finding car loans for single parents.

See your strengths and ours

Even if your employment isn't full time or you don’t have a dual income, we will help to find the strengths in your financial record to help you with single parent car loans.

  • We need to get a clear idea of your credit history – we need to know as much as possible about your payment history, credit applications and enquiries as well as proof of regular income and address.
  • We’ll match you with lenders who you may not have access to by simply searching for single parent car loans yourself. With decades of experience in the industry, we can help you to find the very best option for you from lenders who understand your situation perfectly.
  • We make things quick. We know you’re busy juggling a hundred different things so we won’t take up too much of your time. From our initial quotes to our direct communication we always try to be as time efficient as possible and to get you approved for your car loan within days of your application.

Let us help you

For us to help you, we need to get as much information from you as possible. Please don't ever feel you need to sugar coat your situation in any way — all our questions should be answered as honestly as possible for us to give you the best advice and direction.

Call us today on [phone] to discuss how we can help you find the right single parent car loans.

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