Honda Accord Euro 2015 Review

Honda Accord Euro 2015 Review

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Practical, sporty and refined, the 2015 Honda Accord Euro holds it's quality and comfort years after leaving the dealership.

Honda Accord Euro 2015 Aggregated Reviews*

CarsGuide: 7/10

Product Review: 8.5/10

*Reviews based on models between 2003 and 2015.

We love:

  • Spirited four cylinder engine
  • Best handling in this class
  • Affordable luxury

Pain points

  • Paint scratches easily and the finish can be hard to match
  • Easy to accidentally turn on the heated seats in summer

Honda Accord Euro in Australia

2015 was the final year of production for the popular Honda Accord Euro, now in its eighth generation, first arriving in Australia in 2003.

The Honda Accord Euro 2015 model was manufactured in Japan, with an evident commitment to quality and attention to detail creating an engaging driving experience.

Honda Accord Euro 2015 Review

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The Honda Accord Euro 2015 features a stylish three bar chrome grille, re-sculptured front bumper, chrome door handles, exhaust tip and boot lid garnish. The exterior mirror on the passenger side has reverse tilt, giving you a more accurate view of the left-side adjacent lane. Heated exterior mirrors give added safety on cold mornings when mirrors can fog up.

Fog lamps and light-sensing headlights complete the front of the car. From the rear, the taillights sport a new colour scheme, and the sedan boot has a hefty, solid feel, but requires hardly any effort to close.

Image courtesy of Car Advice

The 2015 Honda Accord Euro is available in seven colours.

"A lot of car for the money" - Second-hand buyer review on, Gold Coast, QLD

Inside the Honda Accord Euro 2015

Front and back passengers will be comfortable thanks to dual climate control, heated seats, and convenient cup and bottle holders. The cabin is quiet with minimal noise from outside.

Seats can be adjusted to find the optimal driving position, and there's flexibility for tall and shorter drivers by adjusting both the seat and steering column. Child seat anchor points make this ultra safe vehicle a perfect family car.

Ample boot space (Image courtesy of Car Advice)

There's ample luggage space with a 467L boot, even with a full-size spare tyre.

Dashboard instruments are easy to read, and while the dashboard does look a little busy, it's no more so than counterpart Mazda 6.

Entertainment and Connectivity

With 10 internal speakers, everyone will be able to hear the output of the six disc CD player or connect your smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity.

"All the bells and whistles that are nice to have, with none that are distracting" - George, Owner review on

What's the Honda Accord Euro 2015 like to drive?

Most cars on the second-hand market are automatic, but if you can get hold of a manual, you'll get a very rewarding driver experience.

Image courtesy of Car Advice

The 2.4L 4 cylinder engine fires 148kW of power and 230Nm of torque, a spirited drive in either the five-speed automatic or six-speed manual. The manual version accelerates faster and is more powerful, while paddle-shift gears in the automatic version allow the driver to extract an extra level of performance. The engine would give any similar six or eight cylinder car a run for its money anywhere except a long straight.

On the open road, you can expect great fuel economy, with owners reporting 800km to a tank. It's a beautiful vehicle if you're driving long distances, with comfortable seats and great driver visibility.

Six internal airbags, stability control and up-to-date braking technology give this car its 5 star ANCAP safety rating.

Should I go for the base model or the luxury version?

More than just a standard equipment upgrade, the luxury version of the Euro has softer suspension settings and larger 18-inch alloy wheels for an upgraded ride. It also comes with a reversing camera, parking sensors, satellite navigation, leather seats, powered front seats and sunroof.

Who will love this car?

If space and safety are non-negotiable, but you appreciate a dynamic driving experience, this car is for you. While running costs of the Honda Accord Euro 2015 come in a little more expensive than its competitors, this is a rewarding vehicle to own.

"The Euro is the silent assassin of the European cars" - Top Gear

Maintenance and running costs

Rather than using the expensive Honda dealer servicing you might safely opt to service your car at any accredited mechanic and have them stamp the service book for under $200.

Current owners have also filled the Honda Accord Euro 2015 with unleaded 98 rather than the recommended premium fuel with no negative consequences.

Despite being a discontinued model, parts are readily available, especially compared to many German luxury competitor models.

Features Summary

  • Price: $30,915 manual or $33,215 auto, new; $16,100 - $19,300 used
  • Engine: 2.4L 4 cylinder engine
  • Safety: 5 star ANCAP
  • Green Star Rating: 3.5 stars (manual); 6 stars (automatic)
  • Fuel: Petrol, Premium ULP
  • Body: Sedan
  • Doors: Four
  • Transmission: Six speed Manual or five speed Automatic
  • Drive: Front wheel drive
  • Fuel Capacity 65L
  • Fuel Consumption 8.5 L/100km combined urban and ex-urban
  • CO2 202g/km
  • Wheels 17-inch alloy wheels

Is the Honda Accord Euro 2015 for me?

A Honda Accord Euro 2015 is a luxury car without the full luxury price. If you don't want to pay the price of a Mercedes Benz, Audi or BMW for your next family car, you can drive this Honda for $20k less.

You can finance a new or used Honda Accord Euro 2015, calculate what your weekly repayments could be and get your car loan quote.

No time to shop around for your car? Just tell us exactly what you want, including the features and colour. We will find the vehicle to match and negotiate the best price. Finance a Used Honda Accord Euro 2015 from $83 /week*.

*Based on a five-year loan term for a $19,000 second hand Honda Accord Euro 2015.

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