How to Spot a Great Vehicle Sourcing Provider

How to Spot a Great Vehicle Sourcing Provider

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Once you get approved for a car loan, it’s time to find your ideal car. Vehicle sourcing offers a convenient alternative to the often frustrating and time-consuming process of car buying at dealerships.

In this process, agents scour the car market to find the vehicle you’re planning to buy and negotiate with the seller on your behalf to get you the best price possible. This way, you won’t have to deal with dealerships that use sleazy sales techniques to make you buy a car that doesn’t fit within your budget. You can also avoid the hassle of negotiating for the best car price, especially with a shrewd and experienced car salesman.

Not all car sourcing providers offer the same quality of service, however. The good ones go the extra mile by helping you get car financing and arranging for the car delivery or pickup. The racketeers, on the other hand, charge too much for a low quality, slow and inefficient service that costs you time and money.

Spot an outstanding vehicle sourcing provider with these telltale signs:

1. They have a strong online presence.

In this age of digital technology, legitimate and trusted vehicle sourcing providers invest in their online presence. They use the Internet to build their personal brand, reach out to more customers and share their latest promotions and projects.

They have an official website and social media pages where they provide information about their services. These sites also list their physical address and contact details.

2. They have a wide network of car sellers and dealers.

A vehicle sourcing provider with long-term relationships with many car sellers and dealers can easily run searches and speak to their contacts to get a variation of your ideal car’s brand, model, colour and other specs, and drive-off price. This convenience translates into a faster transaction and bigger discounts on the car purchase.

To know the car sellers and dealers that a car sourcing provider works with, check out their website and social media accounts. Their business partners are typically listed on their website and occasionally mentioned on their social pages.

3. They have high reviews on business review sites.

You can have a good idea of how a car sourcing provider does business through their customers’ reviews on social pages like Facebook and online review platforms like Trustpilot. When checking reviews, read the details of the complaints and pay attention to the frequency of negative feedbacks. Avoid any sourcer that have too many bad reviews. While no business is perfect, a terrible rating likely means horrible customer service.

Also, do a random web search of the car sourcing provider that you’re planning to do business with. If they’ve done something horrible or were involved in a legal battle with a client in the past, the information would likely appear in the search results.

4. They respond to inquiries and quote requests.

You can always request a legit vehicle sourcer for a quotation of their services through email, website submission form or over the phone. Sometimes, their rates are even posted on their website or social pages. They won’t mind sharing this information to help car buyers like you have an idea of how much you will be paying.

Make sure to know the rates that sourcers charge before doing business with them. This will help you avoid paying for hidden fees and additional costs off the table.

5. They do more than just sourcing vehicles.

Leading vehicle sourcing providers have more services aside from searching for your ideal car at the lowest price possible. They also help you get car financing, arrange for the test drive and car inspection, assist with trade-ins, and arrange for the car delivery or pick up.

Positive Lending Solutions offers vehicle sourcing for FREE. Available to all our clients who have been approved for a car loan, we can easily tap into our wide network of car dealers to find the best car for you, generally within 24 hours. We also arrange for the car’s inspection and test drive before purchase to make sure that the vehicle is in excellent condition. Additionally, we arrange for car delivery or pick up, depending on your preference.

To get approved for a car financing and find your perfect car, talk to our car loans and vehicle sourcing experts on 1300 722 210 or fill out our Quick Quote form.

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