Signs You Need a New Car

Signs You Need a New Car

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“It’s making a weird noise”... Your car might be trying to tell you something. The debate of whether to buy a new car or keep your current one is tough. Know the signs you need a new car and make the decision easily.

Here are some signs you need a new car…

Sign 1: It’s the driver, not the car

Changing cars when there’s nothing physically wrong with it is a good position to be in. No repair bills and an easy trade in or sale. Here’s what we mean:

The size doesn’t match your needs.

This often happens for one of two reasons:

  • 1 - A small car won’t accommodate a growing family.
  • 2 - The opposite. The kids have bought their own cars and there are less passengers to transport.

If you’re in this predicament, it’s time for a new car.

Driving your car becomes a chore.

If you think back to when you first bought your current car, you probably looked forward to driving it. Naturally, that feeling wears off. However, if driving it has become a chore that you prefer to avoid, it can be another sign.

For example, there’s too much road noise, it’s difficult to drive, you don’t have any modern features and you don’t feel confident in it.

If you don't like your car, don’t let it get neglected. It’s time for an upgrade. A used car or a new car can help if driving your current car is a chore.

Sign 2: The numbers

Numbers with dollar signs to be specific. If your car is costing you more and more to service and maintain, it’s time to move on. Your mechanic might keep telling you things like; “the brakes need doing next time” or “your water pump is on it’s way out”.

It may end up costing you more than the value of the car itself.

Money is a big concern when buying new cars. Always compare car loans, improve your credit score and do your research on market prices.

The resale value.

If your car is getting older - in years and mileage - have a look online to see what similar examples are selling for. Unfortunately, you might be disappointed. As the odometer increases - especially over 100,000kms, the value of most cars drops considerably.

On the other hand, you might be lucky enough to own a car that has actually risen in value.

Sign 3: The Technology is Outdated (or non-existent)

Driver assist technology is amazing in new cars. Features like adaptive cruise control, auto-emergency braking, lane departure warning and blind spot monitoring significantly add to new car safety.

If you’ve decided your car doesn’t meet modern standards, take it as a sign you need a new car.

Sign 4: It’s Talking to You

Cars making funny noises are often trying to tell drivers they need repairs and getting aging. If you’re hearing knocking, grinding or other noises from your engine - it’s a sign you need a new car or at least a trip to a mechanic.

It’s making weird smells too.

Often this is caused by excessive heat. For example, oil or hydraulic fluid leaking on a hot exhaust or moving parts scraping and rubbing causing friction. As weird smells get worse, smoke from the exhaust is often present - another sign it’s time to get into a new car.

Sign 5: Leaks

If oil drops are increasing where you park your car, it’s another sign that a new car might be in order. Leaks can mean a number of things - cracked gaskets or frayed and damaged hoses for example. These kinds of repairs cost a lot in labour.

Often, mechanics spend a long time checking and looking for the source of the leak, only to fix it for a $20 hose.

What’s the answer?

Simply ‘selling your current car and getting a new car’ is far easier said than done. If you read the signs, time should be on your side and you can get your ducks lined up.

Before selling your car, make sure you prepare an ad online to get the highest price and the most interest.

Trade in.

Car dealerships stay in business by making profit on the cars they acquire. Naturally, they’ll try to offer you the least amount possible. If you trade your car in, be prepared for a low offer. Dealers might have to repair or a least, touch up your car in order to sell on to someone else.

Private sale.

If you fancy your negotiating skills, you can get a higher price by advertising your car online. Be prepared to have strangers come to your home to inspect the vehicle or alternatively, meet in a car park nearby. If you can wait for the right buyer and deal with strangers coming to ‘kick tyres’, you’ll likely be rewarded with more money.

Getting that new car

After deciding it’s time for a new car, have a look at all the options: car loans, makes and models, new features and take a few for a test drive. Can’t decide? Make a list of the features that match your driving style and lifestyle and go from there.

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