Toyota HiLux 2015 Review

Toyota HiLux 2015 Review

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Toyota HiLux 2015 aggregated reviews

Cars Guide: 7/10
Motoring: 7.1/10
Product Review (owner reviews): 7.2/10
The Motor Report: 8/10
Which Car: 6/10
Combined total score: 7.06/10

Thinking about buying a Toyota HiLux with cash or a car loan? Here's what we thought of the 2015 Toyota HiLux.

We love:

  • Strong reliability
  • Outstanding all-round performance
  • Likeable and dependable
  • Bullet-proof reputation

Pain points:

  • A hard ride if lightly loaded
  • Awkward in tight car parks
  • V6 petrol engine gets thirsty

Toyota HiLux 2015 review

An Australian favourite, here's why this light commercial pickup is a great buy. For most of the year, the outgoing model was sold widely, October of 2015 saw the release of an all-new Toyota HiLux chassis.

This review will cover both models, so you can compare and decide which version of the top-selling ute you'll consider. You can get a Toyota car loan to buy a HiLux, or compare other Toyotas to find the best car for your needs.

Exterior of the Toyota HiLux 2015

A best-seller in Australia, the Toyota HiLux sold for most of 2015 was due for a chassis update, which came in time for 2016. This article reviews both the old chassis, available in a dual cab, pick-up, single cab or extra cab, and takes a look at how it compares to the new version released in October 2015.

Image courtesy of Chasing Cars

Original owners buying any model except the pickup could choose the tray - so you should be able to find a customised tray option to suit your requirements.

The updated HiLux has a more sculpted body shape, and robust wheel arches. You can add to the aggressiveness of your HiLux by adding a bull bar. The new 2015 Toyota Hilux model has thicker chassis rails, better underbody protection, and more welds throughout the body than the old model.

Inside the Toyota HiLux 2015

The SR and SR5 models released in October 2015 come with a chilled upper glove box that can hold two 600 millilitre water bottles. This level of comfort is matched in the back seats, with enough room for three adults, and a comfy enough space for the kids on the weekend.

If you've got pets, especially dogs, using the tray with a canopy gives them room to move around, without getting wet dog or hair inside the cab.

Inside the Black Edition of the 2015 Hilux. Image courtesy of Car Advice.

Inside the cab of the pre-October 2015 model, seats are comfortable, and all the inside features have been improved on the new model, including the sound system and 12 cup-holders.


With a touchscreen that's easy to use (in the October release), as well as simple audio controls and Bluetooth music streaming, the stock speakers actually sound okay too. The pre-October 2015 model has Bluetooth to connect your phone too.

A reversing camera in the newer release makes parking easier too.

What's it like to drive a Toyota HiLux 2015?

The Toyota HiLux is designed to get the job done, rather than provide handling precision and driving pleasure. If you're looking for a more comfortable, user-friendly experience, then the Toyota HiLux released in October of 2015 is the ute you want.

Either version can handle rough roads confidently. The October 2015 release of the Toyota HiLux is a result of over 650,000 kilometres of testing in Australian conditions, and is designed for the challenges of our terrain.

The newer model was designed by the same Japanese engineer who designed the Toyota iQ, a smart car that didn't reach Australia. Nakahama-san redesigned the old model from the ground up, creating a vehicle that handles more like a passenger car than any HiLux model yet.

Image courtesy of Cars Guide

With one of the largest dealer and service networks in Australia, getting your Toyota HiLux fixed anywhere isn't too much trouble - even away from major cities. In fact, the HiLux is the most popular vehicle in the Northern Territory, so if you are going to get stuck outback, the chances of getting the parts you need are high.

Who's the Toyota HiLux 2015 for?

The Toyota HiLux can make the transition from trade workhorse to family car seamlessly. With a five-seater cabin, useful load space, and 4WD traction, you can take it literally anywhere, and carry everything you need.

There are more than 100 individual combinations possible, so the HiLux can be modified and adapted to fit your exact needs, whether you're towing up to 3,500 kilograms (2,500 for the pre-October 2015 model), carrying a load on the back, or navigating off-road terrain. It's the ideal work-and-play ute.

Feature Summary

Price: $18,990 - $55,990 when new, used prices $15,980-$57,221 (in November 2017).

Engine: 2.4 or 3.0L four-cylinder diesel, 2.7L four-cylinder petrol or 4.0L V6 petrol

Transmission: six-speed auto or manual

Wheels: 17 inch steel or 18 inch alloy

Safety: 5 star ANCAP

Fuel: 8.7L/100km

AV and tech: 6.1 inch or 7 inch touchscreen, SR5 has DAB+ digital radio and satellite navigation.

Seats: 2 to 5 depending on the model selected

Doors: 2 to 4 depending on the model selected.

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