Lexus Car Loans

Lexus Car Loans

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Embrace luxury with Lexus Finance

Japanese brand Lexus began in 1983 with the brief to reimagine luxury driving. With pioneering technology and interiors that complement the cutting edge performance the Lexus engineers create, driving a Lexus is the realisation of a dream of excellence.

You can own a Lexus with Lexus finance from Positive Lending Solutions.

Why drive a Lexus?

The engineers at Lexus consistently strive to attain the impossible and continue to defy the skeptics with results that outstrip expectations.

Much more than just a car, a Lexus is a carefully crafted meld of technology, performance and design working in harmony with you, the driver, to create a true luxury experience.

You can buy a Lexus using Lexus finance.

Why choose Positive Lending Solutions for your Lexus car loan?

A Lexus car loan from Positive Lending Solutions will get you a better deal on Lexus finance.

  • Using a car loan broker, rather than a bank or car dealer, you'll get a larger choice of Lexus car loans to maximise your savings.
  • Exceptional Lexus car loans from recognised leading lenders.
  • Talk to someone who's local.
  • Faster approvals and settlements through our custom technology and lender connections - don't wait for an answer.
  • Too busy, or not sure what you need? Use our vehicle sourcing service and have us find, check and deliver your new Lexus.

At Positive Lending Solutions, you'll find a Lexus car loan that fits your finances perfectly.

Your Lexus car loan

Getting the right Lexus car loan is easy.

  • Save up to 17% on Lexus finance.
  • 90% of applications are approved within 24 hours.
  • Buy dealer new, secondhand or private sale.
  • Self-employed or low income? No worries!
  • Get Lexus finance anywhere from your mobile phone.
  • Same day loan settlement as your Lexus car loan contracts will be emailed right to you.
  • Choose how you want to communicate - SMS, email or telephone!

Talk to our friendly staff on [phone] about getting your fast Lexus car loan.

Popular Lexus models

Lexus LFA

A fierce supercar that violently departs from the brand's familiar quiet sophistication, the explosive LFA accelerates 0-100kmph in just 3.7 seconds, with a 4.8L V10 engine, it's still light and extremely powerful.

Lexus LFA

Image courtesy of Car Advice

The carbon fibre body and steering wheel demonstrate the uncompromising commitment to lightness. Every element of the design speaks of dedication to perfection and performance.

The Lexus LFA starts at $750,000 or purchase with Lexus finance from $3,300/week*.

Lexus RX

This quiet, well-made cross-over will make you the envy of your street. The desirable luxury compact SUV is elegant, comfortable and refined, and will hold its value over time. It's fitted with a generous safety package, with extras like a panoramic sunroof, heated surfaces and leather interior.

Lexus RX

Image courtesy of Car Advice

Prices start from $74,500 or get Lexus finance from $350/week*.

Lexus NX200t

The smallest Lexus SUV available, luxury is to be expected. The styling is bold and dramatic, and you can opt for the low consumption hybrid model to reduce fuel consumption.

Lexus NX200t

Image courtesy of Car and Driver

With a super-smooth engine and gearbox combination, the NX200t feels sportier than the competition while retaining the cabin silence the Lexus engineers are renowned for.

Enjoy the truly luxurious Lexus NX200t from $53,000 or buy your NX200t with Lexus finance from $240/week*

*Over a five-year loan term.

If you're considering a Lexus, you can get a personalised Lexus car loan quote to buy your luxury car.

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