At Positive Lending Solutions, our aim is for you to have the best experience possible from the moment we first speak on the phone. For us, that doesn’t just mean getting you the loan you want, then saying goodbye. It’s much more than that.

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We want to make sure you can buy the perfect car while saving thousands of dollars, calculate what your loan repayments might be before you even speak with us, sorting your insurance out so you’re covered in case anything unforeseen happens, and provide you with your credit history information free of charge so you know exactly where you stand.

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Click one of our links below for more information, and if you need to speak with one of our experts, they’re just a phone call away on 1300 722 210. We’re here to help.

Information Centre

Our comprehensive information centre is there for you to research and understand as much as possible about loaning money and the financial industry on...

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Vehicle Sourcing

Buy the perfect car and save thousands!Once we’ve successfully sourced the perfect car loan for you, our services don’t have to end there. We can also...

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Do you really need insurance?Ask yourself this - if you were to suffer unexpected financial hardship, or severe damage to your property (e.g. wrote of...

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Loan Calculators

It’s always a great idea to have some sense of what your loan repayments will be. At Positive Lending Solutions, we believe in empowering our customer...

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Car Brands

Buy these top brands with better car finance. Beat the dealers on deals with Australia’s favourite cars.

Which Car Brands can I finance?

Car Reviews

Research the perfect car for you and your family. Make the right choice with the right info, right here:

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Podcast: Simply Finance

No time to read? You can now listen to all things finance at your convenience. Tune in today to learn more about financial tips and how to get the most out of your next loan.

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