The Positive Process

The vehicle financing process can be a complicated web of confusion for most, we commonly receive a lot of questions on how loan process works. So we’ve created a wonderful roadmap showing the steps in our loan process.

The loan application process varies slightly depending on the type of vehicle you are purchasing. For the below example, we’ve used our most popular car loans to illustrate how we conduct your finance application for you.

positive lending solutions process roadmap

The Step By Step Positive Process.

positive process start here

First you decide it’s time to get a new car

positive process new car idea

You start looking at cars and find one or two you might like to buy

find a car for sale

You do some research on borrowing and end up finding Positive Lending Solutions

discover positive lending solutions

You get in touch via a simple form on our website or a phone call

call positive lending solutions

An experienced Positive Lending manager calls to discuss finance options with you

chat to positive lending consultant

We make life easy, you can complete the application over the phone or via our website

apply for loan by phone or web

We’ll also ask you about the vehicle you’re looking to purchase

we help with vehicle sourcing

Our specialist lending manager gathers your details and any lender required documentation

loan documents and details for fast approval

Your enquiry is submitted electronically to the lender best matched to your needs

we find the best finance deal for you

The lender responds promptly and we call you to convey this information

bank responds we convey

If the lender requires extra clarification, we will follow this up with you

follow up with lender

Once the lender grants pre approval – let’s start the hunt for a car!

loan preapproval

Our vehicle locator will begin scouring the market for your new car

our vehicle locator looks for cars

We’ll find a great value car to your requirements

find a great value car

Now, we resubmit your loan back to the lender with information on the vehicle you’re purchasing

resubmit loan with vehicle

Lender does their final checks, if all good, provides unconditional approval

loan approval

The lending manager calls to congratulate and take you through the final steps

positive lending manager calls to congratulate

We’ll help organise comprehensive car insurance and other additional warranties you need

help organise comprehensive car insurance

Your expert lending manager will email your loan documents directly to you to complete

approved loan documents sent

Once sent back, we check everything is completed perfectly and send to lender for settlement

loan settled

Your Car Loan settles – lender lodges documentation, funds are transferred

lender transfers funds

Time to celebrate and pick up your car

celebrate your new car
another happy positive lending solutions customer

Why use a broker for vehicle finance?

If you do something enough, you get very good at it. We help thousands of Aussies every month with vehicle finance. Car Loans are the most popular, we also find that personal loans for boats, motorbikes, caravans & jet skis are increasing in popularity. Additionally, with the increase in small business in Australia a lot more commercial loans are coming across our desks on a daily basis.

The loan process can often be slow and complicated, and this is an area where a broker can save you a lot of time and hassle. They will co-ordinate the whole process and do most of the running around for you. In fact, a good broker like Positive Lending Solutions can normally have your finance settled and you driving away within 24 hours of you agreeing to purchase a car!

positive lending solutions promise satisfaction guaranteed
positive promise save truck loads

How much can you save?

So there you have it, the step by step Positive Loan process.

Whilst arranging car finance can be complex and often confusing, we hope this guide has shed some light on how partnering with us will increase your chances to get approved and reduce the amount of time the whole process takes.

Every month, Positive Lending Solutions helps make the finance process easy and hassle free for thousands of Australians, and we save them money to boot.

We have access to a huge range of finance companies - including some not available to the general public or through other brokers – and wholesale interest rates. Our staff are all highly experienced and knowledgeable, and we provide industry-leading, localised service.

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