Want a new motorbike but have bad credit?

Just like when you hit the open ride on your classic Harley Davidson, or swift Kawasaki Ninja road bike, we’re here to help you leave your bad credit history behind.

At Positive Lending Solutions we can assist you to get the bad credit motorbike loan you need to buy the bike of your dreams, regardless of what you credit history says.

Bad credit motorbike loans - What are the benefits ?

Apart from the thrill and excitement of cruising the highways or hitting the dirt tracks of the beautiful countryside, there are two very important reasons for getting bad credit bike finance.

private or dealer motor bikes

You’ll get the motorbike you want, dealers and private sales

bad credit rating repaired

By taking out a bad credit motorbike loan, and making the repayments on time throughout, you’ll repair that bad credit rating.

improve your credit rating

When you want to take out future loans, you’ll have a greater chance of success for regular loans.

It might be called a bad credit loan, but if you play it well, the reality is it’s a great way to get your credit rating back on track!

Are you eligible for one of our bad credit bike loans?

Yes. Most people have bad credit ratings for the same reasons.

unpaid defaults & paid defaults

Paid or unpaid defaults, including credit card defaults



finance after Discharged bankruptcy

Discharged bankruptcies

No credit history

No credit history

Part 9 Debt Agreement

Discharged from a Part 9 Debt Agreement

too many loan enquiries

You’ve made too many loan enquiries

We have an excellent success rate for getting people with a bad credit rating the loans they need. We know we can help you to get the bad credit motorbike loan you want as well.

Why choose Positive Lending Solutions for your bad credit motorbike finance?

  • An outstanding success rate leveraging over 35 years worth of experience.
  • Inside access to over 30 of Australia’s best banks and lenders, meaning you’ll get the best bad credit motorbike finance available.
  • From the moment you call us until you get an answer is usually less than 24 hours. That’s fast!
  • We want you to get the best deal possible, not the banks and lenders, which is why you’ll always be our priority.

What should you do now?

Pick up the phone and call one of our bad credit bike loan experts on 1300 722 210. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get all the information you need, such as interest rates and repayments, and get the application started if you choose to go ahead. We can do all of this within a matter of minutes.

If you’d rather we called you, that’s great too, just take 30-seconds to fill out our Quick Quote form at the top of this page. Because our advice is obligation free, you can withdraw from the process at any time. We can’t get any fairer than that!

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