Positive Lending Solutions Car Loan Brands

Mitsubishi Car Loans

With a century of refinement Mitsubishi produce cars with the capability, comfort and technology you've come to expect. From a work ute to a family SUV, your Mitsubishi car loan gets you from A to B.

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Subaru Car Loans

A popular car outback, Subaru has improved their range of city driving cars. See the latest updates and find out how you can own a new Subaru with Subaru finance.

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Jeep Car Loans

Ready to take your weekends to the next level? Welcome any adventure as a Jeep owner, whether it's sand, mud or mountains, a Jeep car loan will get you there and back.

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BMW Car Loans

Release your inner race car driver, or enjoy the comfort of BMW's family SUV's - finance exclusive BMW models with a BMW car loan. See more BMW reviews here.

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Lexus Car Loans

Learn more Japan's largest selling luxury brand. If you thought you'd never own a luxury car, you can think again as luxury prices become more affordable, or buy second-hand with a Lexus car loan.

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Land Rover Car Loans

British sturdiness and a legacy of firsts, Land Rover continues to produce front-line vehicles. If you live off the beaten track, Land Rover finance could get you into the uncompromising car you need.

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Renault Car Loans

A European leader in efficiency, you'll buy a Renault for it's unmatched beauty, and appreciate its reliability and 5-year manufacturer's warranty. Learn about Renault car models and finance here.

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Nissan Car Loans

Whether you're looking for a powerful, go-anywhere ute or a sensible family car, there's a Nissan for your needs. With Nissan finance now available, you can own the car of your choice now.

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Holden Car Loans

Make a statement with an Australian classic. With the right Holden car loan you could drive your choice of car from the new Holden range.

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Kia Car Loans

Kia is a world class leader in aesthetic car design, with everyday vehicles shaped by the design of their leading concept cars. You can own one with Kia finance from Positive Lending Solutions.

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Hyundai Car Loans

Hyundai once again lifts the standards of cars in Australia, with new city and family car options that outstrip the competition in comfort and style, available now with Hyundai finance.

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Volkswagen Car Loans

Volkswagen's famous for the VW Beetle and the Kombi, but they are still creating relevant cars today that will be the classic models of the future. Buy your next VW with a Volkswagen car loan.

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Mazda Car Loans

When you buy a Mazda, you're not just buying a vehicle. Stylish looks, powerful engines and updated technology form a carefully designed experience that will transform your journey.

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Ford Car Loans

Ford's award winning engines pioneer new technologies to improve fuel economy without compromising power. Own your own Ford with the right Ford car loan.

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Honda Car Loans

Honda drivers must have the latest technology. They value a car that drives well and connects them online and with their environment. Get the latest Honda info and discover a range of finance options.

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Toyota Car Loans

Whether you're looking for a city zipper with attitude or a reliable workhorse, Toyota's proven track record ensures that the next Toyota you buy really will give you "Oh what a feeling!".

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