Positive Corporate Social Responsibility Program

We are excited to be supporting a number of corporate social responsibility programs for Positive Lending Solutions. As a values based business we’re mindful that we want to give back and support the development of important issues within our community and wider business.

In the year ahead we will focus on a number of core initiatives that we have outlined below.

Positives Corporate Social Responsibility Vision:

The positive CSR program is aimed at giving back to the community that supports our business everyday. We are committed to making the lives of the community better by engaging in socially responsible activities at any opportunity. Our staff love being part of a rapidly growing business with a core focus on helping the community as we grow.

Tom Caesar, Managing Director - Positive Lending Solutions

1-1-1 Philanthropy

We have taken a great pledge. Following on from connecting with Marc Benioff we are also inspired to support the pledge and help improve the state of the world. We are pledging one percent of our equity, time and product to important causes.

We have already had some great wins here. By just donating $2 each for our monthly casual day and 50c for every staff coffee we have been able to donate $5000 to TIA, which helps to provide mentoring and transition support for 5,000+ young people in Bolivia. We support PARAQUAD SA the peak community body helping people in SA with spinal cord injuries.

At an international level we have also dedicated support to Kiva, the first non-profit to leverage the power of the internet with finance institutions to help support individuals in need who are perusing their entrepreneurial dream.

As a scalable business this is a great initiative as our commitment will always remain proportional to the size of the business.

Financial Education

As finance and lending experts we have unique insight into the way Australian’s are approaching lending and personal debt. The numbers are cause for great concern so we’re embarking on two key programmes, helping to build awareness and educate to improve basic financial understanding, and supporting entrepreneurs to help grow their dreams.

Budgeting Education

We will be undertaking considerable efforts this year to provide education to help improve the awareness and financial literacy in Australia. The amount of debt and risk, particularly that young Australian’s are exposing themselves to is alarming and we want to see a greater level of responsibility being taken for people’s financial security and future well being.

Entrepreneur Scholarship

Supporting our stance on education we have recently launched the Positive Lending Solutions Entrepreneur Scholarship. The Entrepreneurial spirit is closely linked with how we drive our business so we’re putting up $10,000 to students across Australia to award the best entrepreneurial plan and pitch to support a great idea.

We’re mindful that great ideas can come from across areas of study so this award is open across faculties with the winner being announced on September 15th, 2016.

Technology, Innovation and Marketing for Business Growth

As our business has gone through rapid growth, so has the complexity and competition we experience.

Keys to our success include the way we have adopted technology, embraced continual innovation and implemented successful and sustainable programs like what we are seeing through our digital marketing efforts.

We know it can be tough for businesses out there so we’re keen to connect, draw on our experiences and share insights to help support other start-ups and SMB’s.

Finance and Category Expert

We are an experts in car finance, home lending, personal finance, commercial lending, insurance, technology and business growth. We conduct regular surveys and industry research programs and look forward to bringing you insights throughout the year.

For further information, contributions to articles and interviews contact us at info@positivelendingsolutions.com.au

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