Want a new jet ski but have bad credit?

It just wouldn’t be fair if you were denied the chance to hit the waves on your own Jet Ski, just because of a few credit issues you may have had in the past, right?

If you’ve got your eye on a Jet Ski, or at the very least thinking about it, talk to the team at Positive Lending Solutions. If you’ve got a bad credit history, relax, our bad credit Jet Ski loan experts are there to help.

What are the benefits of getting a bad credit Jet Ski loan?

An awesome summer spent getting the heart pumping on the water for a start, but there are several other benefits as well:

dealer or private jet skis

You’ll get the Jet Ski you want, dealers and private sales

repair credit rating

By making all of your repayments on time, every time, you’ll go along way to repairing your bad credit history

future loans for people with bad credit

Next time you go for a regular loan for something you want, you’ll have a far greater chance of success

Did we mention you’d also own your very own Jet Ski? Of course we did, but it’s definitely worth mentioning twice!

Can you get a bad credit Jet Ski loan?

Most people have a poor credit rating for very common reasons, and rarely do they get in the way of having your bad credit Jet Ski loan approved.

jet ski finance bad credit

Paid or unpaid defaults, including credit card defaults

loans after repossession


loans for bankrupts

Discharged bankruptcies

poor credit history

No credit history

part 9 debt agreements

Discharged from a Part 9 Debt Agreement

too many boat finance enquiries

You’ve made too many loan enquiries

Given our success rate at securing bad credit Jet Ski finance for our clients, and there have been hundreds of them, we’re confident we’ll be able to help you too.

Why choose Positive Lending Solutions for your bad credit Jet Ski loan?

If we haven’t convinced you that we’re the guys to help you with your bad credit Jet Ski loan already, here’s a few more reason.

  • We have 35 years industry experience, so we know how to get the best bad credit Jet Ski loans.
  • We’ve built strong relationships with over 30 of the best banks and lenders in Australia, so we can get the best bad credit Jet Ski loans on the market.
  • Our application process is fast…we’ll usually have an answer for you within 24 hours.
  • We’ll fight to get you the best bad credit Jet Ski loan, not the banks and lenders.

What should you do now?

Call us and we’ll get the ball rolling straight away. Within minutes of calling 1300 722 210, our bad credit Jet Ski expert will have found the best loan for you, explained the loan options, repayment amounts, and if you choose, start the application process.

If you don’t want to call us, that’s ok, we can call you instead! Just take 30-seconds to fill out our Quick Quote form and we’ll be in touch ASAP. The advice we offer is totally obligation free, so there’s really no reason not to contact us and find out how bad credit Jet Ski finance could work for you!

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