Loan Calculators

It’s always a great idea to have some sense of what your loan repayments will be. At Positive Lending Solutions, we believe in empowering our customers to ensure they make the best decisions for them, taking into account their current financial situation.

That’s why we’ve provided a range of calculators to help you understand your commitment when you take out a :

How do you use the calculator?

Each calculator has four variable components:

  • Amount borrowed – the amount of money you’d like
  • Interest rate – the amount of interest the bank or lender will charge
  • Term – the length of time you would like to repay the loan
  • Frequency – how often you would like to make your repayments (i.e. weekly, fortnightly or monthly)

Simply enter the required information into each of these settings and the amount you’ll have to repay will automatically appear. Continue to adjust the calculator’s settings until you find a repayment plan that you’re happy with.

What do you do next?

Not looking for home or car finance? You may need our boat finance calculator instead.

Once you have the information you need, call our experts on 1300 722 210. They will be able to use the information you’ve acquired from the calculator, and try and find the best loan to match your needs.

If you’d like one of our loan experts to call you, simply fill in the Quick Quote form. It will take no longer than 30-seconds and we’ll call you back ASAP.

Are loan calculators accurate?

Please be aware that the loan calculator is only a guide. There could be other costs involved specific to individual loan products that the calculator can’t anticipate, such as:

  • Additional fees and charges for setting up and servicing the loan
  • Fees for paying the loan back early
  • Interest rate changes during the life of the loan

To get a complete picture of what your loan might look like, call one of our team on 1300 722 210. Sometimes we can find loan terms that are better than you were expecting after using the calculator!

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