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Simply Finance is the podcast series designed to educate Australia on everything finance. Join us as we talk to leaders in the Finance industry to simplify finance for everyone.

Green Boat

Leisure Loans: Loans Just for Fun

Taking out loans for fun? Yep, but how… and why? Loans for caravans, jet skis and other ‘fun stuff’. Find how finance for leisure vehicles works. Industry specialist, Amy Di Fabio takes us through the fun stuff.

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Green family home

How to Become a Home Loan Pro

Purchasing a home a huge financial commitment. We talk to industry veteran, Peter Holman about the process. Listen as he tells us how to become a pro & know what to look out for. Get the right loan for your family.

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Green Piggy Bank

Chattel Mortgages: Funny Name, Serious 'Business'

A mortgage but not for a home? They’re called ‘chattel’. Funny name, serious stuff. But what do they mean for consumers? Listen in and become a pro as industry expert, Chris Murray explains.

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Green Car

Around 90% of Cars on Australian Roads are Financed

Borrowing money for a car is something almost all of us do at some stage in our lives. How does it work? And why are car loans so popular? Listen in and find out.

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Green percentage sign

Do You Have 'Interest Rate Tunnel Vision'?

The be-all and end-all of loans… right? How are interest rates calculated and are they really the ‘price’ of a loan? Listen as industry experts take us over the facts you should know before signing on the dotted line.

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Cash in hand

The World of Loans: We Investigate

What happens when you ‘take out a loan’? It sounds simple but a lot goes on behind the scenes. What's a lender? How does your credit file dictate rates? Listen as industry pro, Tim Wells discusses the actual process of loans in Australia.

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