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It can be really hard to find a mechanic who you can trust to do the right thing while charging a fair price to service your car, especially if you’ve moved to a new state.

We get pretty good insights into the car buying world, as you can imagine, and we’ve noticed that mechanics and repairers often have signs that advertise an accreditation or approval - but what do these really mean for you as a customer?


We’ve delved into each type of accreditation and approval that professionals in the automotive industry can get throughout Australia. Just choose from the tabs and get the info you need before making a decision on the kind of automotive pro you need.

If you get it right from the start, you’ll be well on your way to building a good relationship with your mechanic while saving money on your car service.

Accreditation by State


If you’re in Victoria, you want a reliable mechanic who’ll put your best interests before their profit margin. There’s two key types of accredited mechanic you can look for - those accredited by RACV and those a part of the VACC A Grade Automotive Network.

RACV Mechanics

RACV Accredited

When you go to an RACV accredited mechanic, you’re given a guarantee that the repairs will be effective under normal operating conditions for 12 months, or for 20, 000 km - whichever occurs first.

Important work guarantees from RACV

  • Work completed within a guaranteed timeframe
  • High standards of quality and professionalism
  • An estimate of the repair costs for labour and materials on request
  • If repair work is likely to exceed 10% of the estimate, the repairer will contact you for express authorisation before proceeding
  • All duties performed with honesty and integrity
  • RACV members receive 5% discount on vehicle servicing, repairs and parts.

The services that you’ll find under the RACV accreditation

  • Vehicle servicing and repairs
  • RACV child restraint fittings
  • RACV batteries, alternators and starter motors
  • Windscreen repair and replacement
  • RACV vehicle inspections
  • Complimentary wash and vacuum

VACC (Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce) Members

VACC Accredited

When you see this sign, it means that the mechanic or repairer:

  • Agreed to be audited annually to maintain their accreditation
  • Committed to high standards of
    • Equipment
    • Qualifications
    • Safety
    • Presentation of premises
    • Continual improvement through ongoing staff training
  • Complies with equipment standards, repair standards and disputation procedures

The VACC Industry awards identifies the best in the state for used cars, tyres, towing, service stations, new cars, motorcycle purchase, mechanic, investment in staff, farm machinery, environmental management, engine reconditioning, body repairs, aftermarket and retail, auto recycling, and auto electrical.

If you drive an LPG vehicle, or you’re thinking about getting a conversion, in Victoria there’s also an alternative fuel body, the Automobile Alternative Fuels Registration Board (AARFB) that ensures safety and compliance of mechanics specialising in servicing and installing LPG.

Key Tips For Everyone To Getting a Fair Car Service

When you are getting a car serviced, and you want to be sure that you’re not being ripped off, using an approved repairer is a good place to start. The real key is to ensure that you have good communication. Confirm the method of payment with the repairer before they begin. It can help you to have peace of mind if you ask to see the parts that need replacing or anything that has been removed.

When you get the final account, ensure that it is itemised. Keep the receipts for major work such as the timing belt so that you can make sure the service is done on schedule and not unnecessarily before it is due.

Remember that just because you use an approved or authorised repairer doesn’t guarantee that you will get the lowest price for your car service. There can still be a difference between fees for different types of mechanical work depending on your car make and model, and at the discretion of your auto repair centre. Depending on the supplier, you can be charged different amounts for certain parts. Sometimes you’ll be given a free loan car, other times you’ll have to pay for one.

The best way to find a really good mechanic is to find one that other people have used and recommend. Ask your friends and family - and let us know when you find a good one!

We’re creating a list of mechanics recommended by our clients in each major city and state in Australia - check here to find a mechanic someone just like you can vouch for!

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