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Is one of Australia’s longest standing car finance lenders, with over 50 years of experience. With the backing of ANZ bank, they’ve been able to offer secure, competitive loans to many Australians.

Esanda Finance History

First established as the Industrial Finance Department of the ES&A (English Scottish & Australian Bank) in 1953 to specifically provide asset finance, its services grew rapidly and the subsidiary Esanda finance was formed in 1955.

In the 1970’s a merger made Esanda a division of ANZ Bank. During the 1980’s Esanda grew to become the second largest finance company in Australia.

Growth continued in the 1990’s until Esanda became Australia’s largest finance company, ranking top 10 amongst Australian financial institutions,

Esanda car dealership loan portfolio purchased by Macquarie Bank

Esanda Finance was bought out by Macquarie Bank in October 2015, so if you’d taken out a loan with Esanda through a car dealership before 1 May 2016, you’ll now need to contact Macquarie Bank on 1800 269 682.

You should receive an information pack from Macquarie when your car loan contract is transferred if you arranged your car finance with Esanda through a car dealership.

If your loan is transferred to Macquarie, make sure that you update this information with your insurer with your new contract account number.

If you have other products with ANZ such as accounts, home loan or credit card these will not be affected.

What does this mean for my Esanda car loan?

Your repayment amount, interest rate and due dates on your car loan contract will not change.

If you’ve been making payments by direct debit, you won’t need to make any changes.

However, if you use another payment method, you’ll receive new payment details from Macquarie. Be sure to use these next time you make a payment towards your contract.

Make use of Macquarie Bank's online car loan portal

Macquarie Bank have a handy online system called 'YourLease' where you can view your car loan contract, payment history, update your contact and payment details and download documents relating to your car loan contract.

If your contract has been moved over, be sure to use this resource to stay on top of your loan.

What if I had a Car Loan through an ANZ branch or a broker at Positive Lending Solutions?

If you took out a car loan through Esanda directly, through the Esanda website, an ANZ branch or a finance broker, your car loan or lease will stay with Esanda/ANZ.

You can contact ANZ on 13 23 73 for assistance with your car loan.

Esanda Finance into the future

Esanda Finance will continue to provide car loans and novated lease options online and through the ANZ branches.

You can use the Esanda car loan repayment calculator to work out how much interest you'll pay on your Esanda car loan, and monthly repayments based on the initial amount you borrow and loan term.

Personal Car Finance with Esanda

Esanda offer highly competitive personal car finance options.

Choose a secured loan for lower interest rates

By choosing a secured car loan, where Esanda register an interest over your car for the duration of the loan term, you can get lower interest rates than most personal loans.

Once you have your loan contract, your interest is fixed for the duration of the loan. This means that your repayments will always be the same, so you can accurately prepare your personal budget.

You may be able to finance 100% of your car purchase price, meaning you don't need to provide a deposit upfront and you can keep the money in the bank for other purposes.

Consider a novated lease if you are an employee

If you're an employee, you may be able to arrange a novated lease with your employer so that your car loan payments come out of your pre-tax income.

This 3-way contract means that your employer makes the car loan payments on your behalf for as long as you stay employed with them.

If you change employers while you're still under the contract, you can take the novated lease with you to your new job.

Business Car Finance with Esanda

Esanda Finance also offer car loans for business, including chattel mortgages, offer to hire and finance lease.

Based on more than 60 years of experience in providing asset finance, Esanda offer tailored repayment structures to suit whatever your business and cash flow model requires.

Options include finance tailored around car maintenance, and repayment breaks when insurance and registration fall due.

Insurance with Esanda

If you get your car finance with Esanda, you'll also have the opportunity to consider their comprehensive car insurance and loan protection insurance options.

You can compare these quotes with your own insurance quotes to get the best deal.

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