Choosing a Colour for Your New Car

Choosing a Colour for Your New Car

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Neutral grey or Barbie pink? Choosing the right colour for your new car is more than just personality matching. Colour also affects the vehicle’s appearance, comfort level, proneness to accidents, as well as resale value.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing a colour for your new car:


Black, Grey and Serious

If you are a serious, no-nonsense businessman or professional, you might want to go for a black, grey or silver car. These “luxury colours” are strongly associated with the business and corporate world. They give your car a classic and sophisticated look that speaks volume about you as its owner. Black, in particular, is the official colour of power and authority. It’s no wonder that presidential cars come in black. Silver, on the other hand, give your car a clean, modern look that reflects quality craftsmanship and artistry, technological advances, prestige and wealth.

Outrageous and Outgoing

Meanwhile, if you have an outrageous personality and love to stand out wherever you go, choose brighter options like blue, pink and red because these colours are easily distinguishable at a glance. They help you easily attract attention and make a lasting impression.


White and Safe

If safety is your main concern in life, choose a car in white or silver colour because they are highly visible against dark backgrounds and reflect light better than others. White cars, in particular, are 10% less likely to be involved in accidents, especially at dusk and dawn.

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Danger Colours

What are the accident-prone car colours, you ask? That would be black, brown and green. A study conducted by Monash University in Australia revealed the correlation between car crashes and car colours. Using actual car crash data from the police, the research team found out that the above-mentioned hues are more accident-prone than others.

Don't Drive and Blend

A rule of thumb: Stay away from car shades that easily blend with your surroundings if you're planning to take your car on outdoor adventures. Driving in the desert on a brown or gold-coloured vehicle is not advisable because your car blends with your surrounding. If you call for assistance in the middle of the desert, the rescuers might not be able to spot you from a distance.


Are you are an eco-warrior who cares deeply about the environment? Then choose the white or silver hue for your car. Colour affects the car’s interior temperature, which subsequently affects its fuel use and energy consumption. The interiors of white and silver cars are cooler because they reflect more sunlight so there is a lesser need for the air conditioner to run. The hotter the area, the greater is the energy-saving result.


Do you regularly drive in a dusty and dirty area, but hate washing your car every too often? Then get a grey or silver vehicle because they are the best grime-hiding car colours. Stay away from black and high-contrast white. They can easily mirror the dirt, as well as the swirl marks and light scratches.

Resale Value

A car’s colour can greatly affect its resale value. Take for example the pricey Range Rover of British glamour model-turned-entrepreneur Katie Price. Although the car’s Barbie pink hue matches her colourful personality, it devalued the vehicle by at least £3,000 ($4,813 AUD). That’s because most Range Rover enthusiasts would prefer the secondhand car in its standard shades of black, white, silver, grey and blue rather than the extremely personal Barbie pink hue.

Best Colours for Resale

According to car resale experts, the best colour for resale is white followed by black and silver. These safe colours have been preferred by most car owners for many years, helping you resell your car for a potentially higher price. Meanwhile, orange and green are the least preferred, so stay away from these hues if you are planning to sell your car after three years or so.

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