Cheap Degrees With Guaranteed Jobs

Degrees With Guaranteed Jobs

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You do not need to be a degree holder to become successful in life. Nonetheless, it helps a lot in scoring better job opportunities and securing a high paying job.

Getting a degree, however, is usually expensive. If you cannot afford a medical or engineering school, there are still plenty of college degrees out there that are not comparatively affordable and offer plenty of career opportunities.

Here are the most popular:

1. Nursing

Nursing can be affordable or not, depending on the school. Institution aside, nursing students can also expect a more affordable cost for the degree next year. Last June, Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan has announced that students studying nursing among several other courses will pay $3,700 a year. The move would mean that students would pay 46% less for their degrees since annual fees are now at $6,804.

Workwise, registered nurses can find a lot of employment in hospitals, residential care facilities, doctor's offices, and even aesthetic centres. Nurses can also work abroad as the global demand for nurses is always high, especially in rich countries.

Aside from the coronavirus pandemic, the world's aging population would also mean that nurses and other healthcare professionals are always in-demand.

2. Education

Plenty of schools around the country provide affordable education degrees. Graduates can also find many career opportunities not just in learning institutions but also in various corporate offices because of their high clerical skills.

Nowadays, the demand for online teachers, especially in rich countries that do not speak English, like Japan, South Korea, and China, is rising as parents recognize the importance of the international language in business and entertainment.

Education graduates who are not licensed can also work as teacher’s aides, assisting teachers in the classroom and helping out with the lesson plans and other related teaching tasks. While becoming a teacher’s aide does not require a degree in education, it helps a lot to get at least a Teacher’s Aide Certificate to be more qualified and equipped for the tasks.

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3. Marketing

A degree in marketing is not just affordable but also accessible. Anyone can study and earn a degree in marketing online. Various schools offer this degree, from top universities to community colleges. You can even get your marketing degree from an international school via an online course.

Marketing graduates have a lot of career opportunities because of the constant demand for marketing professionals in the ever-changing online, digital and social world. Nowadays, as people increasingly transact business online, businesses are always on the lookout for employees who know how to create marketing content, design and promotional campaigns for products and services, develop pricing strategies, and reach many potential target customers at low cost.

4. Information Technology

Just like nursing, a degree in Information Technology can be affordable or expensive, depending on the school. The specialization within the IT field also affects tuition. Generally, however, the total cost of an IT degree is cheaper compared to other related degrees like computer science and software engineering.

Nonetheless, IT graduates can find plenty of jobs in the tech field. As businesses embrace digital technologies, the demand for professionals who know about computer systems, operating networks, and databases also increases.

5. Finance

A degree in finance introduces students to a wide range of finance-related topics, such as accounting, economics, statistics, taxation, risk management, and financial analysis. Unlike accounting, it is wide-ranging and can cover business, economics and banking.

Many schools also offer finance-related courses at a comparatively more affordable cost than an accounting degree. Career-wise, finance majors start at a slightly higher salary rate and the gap widens at postgraduate level.

Because of the wider scope of a finance degree, graduates can find employment not only in the field of accounting but also in various finance-related careers. You can become a financial trader, consultant, or manager. You can also become a commercial or investment banker, insurance officer, hedge fund manager, or quantitative specialist.

These are just five of the popular degrees that do not require high tuition fees but have plenty of career opportunities. Take note that the total cost of education is also significantly affected by the learning institution that is offering the degree. For cost-efficient learning, enrol in a Government-funded university with a strong national and international reputation.

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