2018 Australian Broking Award Finalist

2018 Australian Broking Award Finalist Announced

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Positive Group are proud to announce we've been shortlisted as finalists in the Australian Broking Awards.

We extend a huge congratulations to Nathan Price, a finalist for Asset Finance Broker of the Year, and Tom Ceasar and the Nodifi team, finalist for Innovator of the Year.

Nathan has been with Positive Group since late 2016. He’s being recognised for his outstanding results combining excellent customer service with extensive product knowledge to drive revenue for the Positive Group. As a team leader in the asset finance team at Positive Group, he’s an invaluable resource to our team.

“I am extremely excited and proud to be named a finalist, PGA has been great supporters of me across my relatively short finance career. Thank you for their nomination and thanks to my lovely wife for coping with the extra hours required to get to this position.”

With numerous positive client reviews, it’s clear to see that he’s earned this nomination by focusing on customer success, and we wish Nathan the best of luck in the award.

Tom Caesar, as the driving force behind Positive Group, is also a finalist for Innovator of the Year, recognising the business to business tool that was developed in 2017 under the business unit ‘Nodifi’.

Nodifi is a software service that allows finance professionals and businesses to submit asset finance deals through an experienced asset finance team to their selected lender. The platform allows partners to provide a wider range of finance options to clients, with a seamless quoting and application process, and no volume hurdles to access particular products.

Being listed as a finalist for this award is a huge recognition of the hard work of Positive Group management and our development team, as well at the Nodifi customer support team.

According to Annie Kane, editor of The Advisor, the number and quality of submissions in 2018 are a testament to the high level of professionalism in the finance industry.

“Achieving good consumer outcomes was the focus for the industry well before commissions and inquiries made this term the buzzword of the moment. Nowhere can you see this more clearly that in the submissions for this year’s Australian Broking Awards, which include many glowing testimonies”.

The winners will be announced on Friday 29th June, 2018.

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