How to Get Started with Facebook Webinar

How to Get Started with Facebook Webinar

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As businesses are going digital, almost all are on Facebook, tapping into the power of the most popular and widely used social media platform to promote their brands and reach out to more potential customers. In turn, Facebook continuously develops the platform with additional features to show a direct return on investment for businesses.

One of Facebook’s most exciting and beneficial features is Facebook Live, a tool that not only allows the streaming of live videos on the Facebook page but also the streaming of webinar via third-party tools. This development is especially beneficial for businesses that operate online like the e-commerce industry, as well as those that mainly offer learning opportunities and studies.

Below, let’s take a look at how businesses can use Facebook Webinar to showcase various products and services and how to get started with it.

What is a Webinar?

A webinar (short for web-based seminar) is a presentation or lecture done over the web using video conferencing software. Typically, it involves the hosts simultaneously talking while presenting a series of slides, which are streamed directly from their computers or mobile devices. The hosts can also share and applications aside from documents.

While many academics and gurus of different industries use webinars to share their expertise on various subjects, it is also a great sales tool for marketers and business owners because it provides a real-life demonstration and insight of a product or service being presented.

In business, webinars are traditionally use to introduce viewers to paid products or services, as well as to build an email list of potential customers. Marketers usually create lead forms and landing pages that entice visitors to provide their email address to reserve a spot for the lecture or workshop.

Webinar via Facebook Live

Webinars can be done on Facebook Live using the camera on a computer or mobile device to broadcast real-time video. The hosts can decide who on Facebook can see their video.

Conducting webinars on Facebook Live offers several advantages:

1. Convenient and simple to use

Streaming videos directly on Facebook provides convenience for many people, especially those who get turned off by having to add a new software to their computers or mobile devices just to watch the webinar. Some third-party apps can take a while to install and require regular updates.

Install aside, though, there are other issues involved with hosting webinars elsewhere. They rely on the user receiving email communication with a special link to attend the webinar. This is often an issue, whether it be those emails go to spam, they get buried or the notifications get delayed.

2. Protects personal privacy

Viewers do not need to provide an email address or change their behaviour to attend the webinar. Those that are required to provide an email address also do not need to provide other information.

3. Potential for virality

There is a great potential for reaching a large number of people on Facebook Live, aside from the business's built-in audience. As the webinar gets shown on the news feed, it attract and notifies those who are not originally planning to attend.

This is advantageous for many marketers, considering that in typical webinars that are hosted on third-party tools, the host usually need to pay to get registrants.

4. Encourages social interaction

Webinars on Facebook Live are usually more interactive than those that are hosted elsewhere. The host can read and answer comments during the streaming and after the presentation simply by reviewing the comment thread. The viewers can also communicate with other users.

5. No maximum attendance

Facebook Live does not put restrictions on the number of attendees, unlike webinar hosting software that often put a cap to the number of people who can attend the webinar at a time. Going above the maximum limit means additional pay for the host.

6. Sense of community

Facebook Live webinars work well for businesses with a private, closed community. When viewers join the group to watch the webinars, they are more likely to see the value in the presentations.

7. Offers a second airing alternative

A host can run a second airing on Facebook Live after a webinar runs, allowing those who did not register to watch it. This can potentially lead to more sales.

8. Can be re-marketed to viewers

Even if the host does not collect the email addresses of the webinar viewers, Facebook’s targeting mechanisms can help the host create an audience of people who have watched your video.

By being able to create an audience of people who've watched the webinar, the host can target them for future marketing campaigns. .

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Third-party Tools

For businesses that prefer to host a webinar using a third-party tool that utilizes the Facebook API, there are plenty of choices to consider, including:

  • OBS Studio. This free software is ideal for small businesses on a tight budget. It is resource-intensive and can be a bit laggy, however.
  • Blue Jeans OnSocial. Ideal for interviews and live podcasts, this tool allows streaming on desktop, webcam, or multiple webcams of guests. Pricing starts from the introductory $39.95 per month and goes up to $59.95 per month. The more expensive the price, the more features it offers.
  • Wirecast combines OBS Studio and Blue Jeans for a one-time fee of $495. It is designed to be immediately usable with a few clicks.
  • HopLive offers a free screen capture and streaming tool. It simply broadcasts the computer screen to Facebook, allowing all Facebook audience to view the webinar.
  • BeLive. Aside from a free screen capture and streaming tool. It also brings all the comments from participants into its interface, allowing the host to click through the computer presentation and directly answer comments.
  • Zoom Webinar enables the creation of an online conference room for the participants and stream the event live on Facebook.Broadcast preview is not allowed; The camera gets rolling as soon as the host clicks the “Live on Facebook” button. Price starts at $54.99.

How to Start a Webinar via Facebook Live

More than the fancy presentations and gimmicks, business owners and marketers who plan to conduct webinars need to pay special attention to the computer or mobile device to use, as well as the software and files needed. More than the fancy presentations and gimmicks.

1. Select your screen capture and streaming software

You will need a software that allows your computer screen to be shown to your participants, especially if you need to show graphs or demonstrate steps. Pick from any of the third-party tools mentioned above.

2. Plan your webinar

What do you want to achieve? Have a clear webinar plan before starting your presentation. Rehearse your introduction, conclusion, question and answer portion, and the overall flow of your presentation.

Also, prepare the documents and any other materials you will need to present--Ensure that they are complete and there are no typos or erroneous information in the documents.

Do not forget to organise the files on your computer or mobile device because you will be sharing it with your participants.

3. Rehearse

Learn how to speak on videos. Train your voice as well as your posture and facial expressions and gestures. See to it that you are as convincing and confident on camera as in real life.

Your voice can sound so different on a recording than how you hear it in your head. It is important to make a few recordings and see what you can improve. Adjust your voice pitch and volume to make them audible and pleasant to listen to on video.

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