Most Popular Trades in Australia Today

Most Popular Trades in Australia Today

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Trades & Services is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia, thanks to the government’s A$75 billion investment in major infrastructure projects over the next 10 years. As a result, demand for tradies, particularly in the construction sector, continues to grow.

Data from top Australian job posting website reveals that the Trades & Services sector had a 23.3% increase in job opportunities last year, with more than 33,000 new roles year-on-year and an average advertised salary of $64,227.

Today’s most popular and lucrative trades in Australia include:


Data from the job posting website SEEK has revealed that electricians are one of the most in-demand trades across all states in the country, with a 66% increase in the past year. Electricians are highly wanted in Victoria, followed by Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. Aside from being popular, sparkies also enjoy a high level of stability because the problem-solving nature of their job is not affected by technological advancement and business automation.

Electricians need to get an electrical certification and obtain specialisations, like high voltage electrical installation, data and AV installation and facility maintenance to have a competitive advantage in the industry.


Despite the recent gloom in the Australian housing market, carpenters remain a sought-after labour force. The population growth in the southern capital has continued to make a robust demand for builders as thousands of new homes are built each year.

To become a certified carpenter in Australia, a Certificate III in Carpentry or a Certificate III in Carpentry and Joinery CPC32011 is required. This qualification covers work in residential and commercial applications for tradies who are completing an apprenticeship. Once qualified and skilled, electricians can earn an average of $50 an hour.


Plumbers may work on a clogged toilet in the middle of the night, but it is one of the highest paying trades in Australia. Last year’s data from the Australian online jobs marketplace ServiceSeeking has revealed that plumbers earn an average of $83.04 per hour. Aside from the basic pay, they can also charge a premium for working on emergency hours and public holidays.

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Australian Tradie Hourly Costs

Since plumbing not only involves fixing pipes and drains but also works on heating and cooling system, water supply and ventilation systems, plumbers need to get a certification and complete an apprenticeship in plumbing from a trade school. Registered plumbers work under the supervision of a licenced plumber, one who has obtained a higher level of education and obtained a CPC40912 Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services.

Furniture Removal

Removalists remove and transport furniture and other household effects to a new home. Aside from ensuring the safety of the transported items and making sure that they arrive at the new location on schedule, the job may also include other services, like assembly and reassembly of items, packing, cleaning, and storage. According to ServiceSeeking, removalists are the highest paying tradies last year. Removalists from NSW earn an average of $95.21 per hour while those in SA command an average rate of $94.83 per hour.

Removalists must have a working knowledge of driving large removal vans, as well as loading equipment like forklifts. They also need to secure appropriate licences for driving vehicles and operating equipment. While formal training is not required, completing a traineeship in furniture removal, which usually takes around 24 months, can improve employment prospects.

Landscaping and Gardening

Landscape gardeners are in-demand among many busy Australian homeowners and private companies who need to maintain their building’s surroundings and grounds. ServiceSeeking’s data shows that landscapers earn an average of $51.02 per hour while gardeners make around $48.18 per hour last year.

There is no formal training required to become a landscaper or a gardener but hands-on experience gives a competitive advantage. Landscapers can start as labourers then advance to become a supervisor working under a landscaping contractor. To become a contractor, one needs to have a contractor’s licence and own landscaping equipment.

While it’s easy to find a job in Australia as a tradie, setting up a trade business can be financially challenging. At Positive Lending Solutions, we offer loans for tradies who want to start their own business or buy new equipment. Call us on 1300 722 210 today!

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