Best Delivery Vehicles for Business

Best Delivery Vehicles for Business

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If you need to deliver bulk goods or collect wholesale products to use in your business, you'll need a decent van. You can get a business car loan to purchase a delivery van too, which allows you to keep your capital working in your business.

Things that you'll be looking for in a business delivery van include great fuel economy, practical inside space, the ability to customise the interior to your specific needs, and the branding style the car gives you on the street.

7 vans for business deliveries

Finding the right vehicle for your business can be tricky. This article will focus on the best delivery vans, for businesses who need to keep their stock or products out of the weather during transport.

Medium Vans

1. Renault Trafic

The Renault Trafic is easy to drive for its size and it doesn't feel huge on the road. It's versatile - you can use it on the weekend, chuck a mattress in the back and go surfing or load up a few bikes. The 'barn' doors on the back allow you to load a full pallet.

The driver has good all-round visibility, and the entertainment system is an up-to-date touchscreen with USB input & Bluetooth phone-audio streaming.

You'll get over 1000 kilometers for a 90L tank (around 6.2L/100km). The only catch is that roof racks make it too tall to fit into most underground car parks, and there are no ISOFIX points for child seats.

2. Toyota HiAce

When you need a really reliable van that's easy to service, cheap to get parts for, and has heaps of space, you might choose the HiAce. The interior is durable, and it now has a rear-view camera and Bluetooth audio streaming.

It's a durable tool to get the job done.

The compromise is that you'll have to keep it strictly on the bitumen, and it's not the most comfortable ride or easiest to get in and out of.

4. Volkswagen Transporter

This is a reliable working van that's attractive, with great fuel economy. It's more expensive, but for the price, you will get excellent body control. The driving position and inside of the van are 'truck-like', with a quality, solid finish. It's 2 metres high, so you'll need to be careful driving into undercover parking.

Apple CarPlay or Android Auto are available as an extra, and the size and shape remain consistent on newer models, so if you upgrade you can directly transfer your fitout.

This larger van has the option of adding a three-person bench seat. Cargo length without the crew seat is 2572mm or 2975mm on the long-wheelbase version. The rear door is hinged, with barn doors available as an option.

Light Vans

3. Suzuki APV

This is a light van that's notable because it's the cheapest entry to the delivery van market at just $17,990. Its weak point is the lack of internal storage and steering adjustment for driver comfort. It does have fantastic visibility from the driver's seat, with the option of side windows down both sides of the van.

The payload is 785 kilos, the largest of the light vans, and a cargo area that's 2.1 metres deep, but no tie-down hooks in the cargo area, and the rear door hinges up.

5. Renault Kangoo

The Kangoo is a small van with a low entry price of $19,990, and a user-friendly cabin workspace. It's cheap to run, car-like to drive, but has a small payload of just under 600 kg with cargo capacity at 3.0 cubic meters accessed by barn-style doors. Audio controls are located behind the steering wheel, and the Kangoo has the most powerful engine in the class.

You can get into underground car parks with the roof racks fitted, and there's a speed limiter that comes in useful for inner-city 40 kilometres per hour roads. The air conditioner is incredibly effective, and it comes as an automatic in the base model.

6. Hyundai iLoad

The Hyundai iLoad is a commercial van that has excellent fuel efficiency at 8.8L/100km, as well as a one-tonne payload. It's also got easy to use Bluetooth connectivity, which can be important if you're running your business from the road.

The inside space is big enough to carry two pallets, and you can choose from a variety of rear door options to get the configuration that'll make your job easiest. You can put up to 125 kilos on the roof racks, and town up to 1500 kilos, plus a 1-tonne payload inside.

It comes with a 5-year, 160,000 kimometres warranty and has 12 month service intervals.

7. Volkswagen Caddy

This light van is great to drive, with car-like handling. The interior is well-designed with under seat storage, convenient cup/bottle holders, ergonomically very comfortable. It's an attractive van that will compliment your business signage with a modern street presence. It's quiet inside for a van too.

On country roads, you'll need to plan ahead to overtake as the 1.9L engine isn't quite powerful enough, but it's competent in the city.

If you need an entry-level van to get your business deliveries moving, one of these vans should suit your needs. You can get a business car loan for a delivery van with a business car loan with payments and terms tailored to your cash flow.

If you'd like to find out more about how you can get a business car loan, complete a quick quote and get some specific advice for your business situation.

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