Should You Get Your Car Wrapped

Should You Get Your Car Wrapped?

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Getting a vinyl car wrap is an option if you want to change the exterior appearance of your car. Aside from being generally more affordable than painting, it also provides several benefits, including extra income. If you've purchased your car with a loan, the extra cash will definitely help you complete the repayments on time.

What is Car Wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a type of vehicle customisation that uses vinyl wraps to give your car a new colour. The wrap can be full, which provides full coverage of the car’s body panels including the windows, or partial, which covers only a portion of the vehicle.

The colours can also be applied according to your specific preference: plain to simply give the car a fresh look or colourful to give your vehicle an eye-catching appeal. For graphic-specific designs, professional artists usually print the art into the vinyl wrap using graphic design software before applying the vinyl film to the car.

Working just like a temporary tattoo for your car, vinyl wraps only last for a couple of years—High quality wraps usually last around three to five years.

Car wrapping provides several benefits as discussed below.

Value for Money

A car wrap is about the same price as a car paint job. Last year, the cost of a full car wrap in Australia was around $3,000 to $5,000, inclusive of GST. This pricing is calculated based on the type of car being wrapped and the skills of the car wrapping artist. Factors that affect the rate include:

  • Size of the car - Hatchbacks usually cost around $2,900; sedans around $3,300; wagons and large 4WDs around $4,500 to $5,100.
  • The complexity of the car's body - Those with custom body kits and intricate details will be charged around $300-$1,000 on top of the regular wrap price.
  • Artwork - Custom graphics cost more, usually an additional $500 or more to the total price.
  • Experience - The more established a car wrapping business is, the higher they charge for their services.

Meanwhile, a car painting service typically starts at around $1,500 including GST but high-quality paint jobs can go around $6,000 or more. These prices, however, are based on minimal bodywork. If your vehicle has serious dings, scratches or rust, you would have to pay more in bodywork repair before the repainting is done. Of course, the type and size of the vehicle and the quality of paint also affect the price calculation.

Vinyl car wrapping roughly has the same price range as a car painting service depending on the desired modifications. While a car wrap is generally more expensive than a low-quality paint job, it is more affordable compared to a high-quality paint job with multiple coats or matte finish. This means that with a car wrap, you don't need to sacrifice quality for money.

Countless Design Options

There is plenty of vinyl wraps to choose from and many of these choices, even the most premium types, are more affordable than a high-quality car paint job. Customisation is also easier with car wrap⁠—You won't have to worry about the availability of an exotic paint colour paint because there are hundreds of hues, patterns, and combinations to play and experiment with. There are even colour-shifting schemes that change with the light and designs that mimic other materials like leather, carbon fibre, and stainless steel.

With the emergence of new technologies and design tools", it is now also possible to "dress up" your car in digitally printed vinyl graphics. With countless vinyl wrap options to choose from, you can make your car fantasies come true and have the kind of vehicle that perfectly suits your personality. The creative possibilities are virtually endless and your imagination truly is the limit.

The best thing is that you won't be confined to your spur-of-the-moment choices forever. If after a year or two, you're starting to get bored by the car wrap design you once desired, you can always get a new colour and artwork once again. With vinyl wraps, you can always transform your vehicle to keep everyone guessing and talking.

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Quick Installation Time

Getting a new colour or design for your vehicle could mean not having a car to drive for days or weeks as you wait for your new car transformation to complete. The car painting this process can take two weeks or longer, especially if your car has several dents and scratches to fix first before the repainting.

With car wrapping, the colour and design change will only take around three days to one week. This doesn't mean that you'll get your vehicle wrapped even if it has dents, rust or paint splatters. To make the car wrapping immaculate, your car's surface must be as smooth and as clean as possible. Aside from a smooth finish, getting rid of the imperfections helps prevent premature lifting of the wrap.

Easy Maintenance

With a vinyl wrap, you won't have to get your car waxed again unlike with car paint. Simply handwashing your wrapped car with soap and water can make it look brand new. You can also use specialty quick detail sprays and ceramic coating to keep your vinyl wrap shinier and more protected from the elements.

Your wrapped car should be hand-washed once a week with soap and water or any cleaning agent that's designed to clean vinyl wraps. Avoid getting your wrapped car through an automatic wash as this may damage the wrap.

Advertising Opportunities

Car wraps are not just for vehicle customisation. It is also used in mobile outdoor advertising, which is especially beneficial if you have a business to promote. You can have your car wrapped in vinyl with your business logo, slogan, and contact details. The more you take out your wrapped car on the road, the more you'll get brand visibility and recognition.

If you drive around busy areas, you can also get paid to have your car wrapped with advertisements. To get sponsored, you simply register with companies that specialise in advertising, like Carvertise. Be wary, however, of car wrap scams that exploit unsuspecting victims through the use of gift cards and wire transfers.


Vinyl wrapping usually comes with a warranty on vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics products. Usually lasting between 1 and 5 years, the warranty typically covers all defects in the car wrapping materials and the installation, such as the full replacement of defective materials, removal, and installation.

However, damages to the wrap due to pre-existing damage to the vehicle, negligence, misuse, accidents, and wear and tear are not covered.

Reliable Protection

Both paint and vinyl wrap can provide protection for your car against the elements. But having vinyl wrapped on your factory-painted vehicle not only protects your car from natural hazards and weather exposure but also protects the original paint from the normal wear of time.

With a thickness of around 3.5 to 5.5 mils, vinyl wraps are very durable. They act as a shield against the elements for the paint and the car itself. If installed properly, they also won't leave a sticky residue when removed.

Easy and Safe Removal

High-quality vinyl wraps last for several years but you can safely remove them anytime you want or replace one design with another. The removal process can last from a few hours to a day or two, depending on the material used and the complexity of the installation.

  • If the wrap is structurally intact, it is generally easy to remove with a few simple tools, such as a plastic scraper and a heat gun for peeling off the vinyl and chemical adhesive remover, a spray bottle with soapy water or rubbing alcohol and cleaning cloths for removing any residues on the vehicle.
  • As a rule of thumb, avoid removing the vinyl wrap in direct sunlight because the heat could make the adhesive bond to the vehicle's body. The same goes in cold temperatures when the vinyl is likely to rip in smaller pieces and leave more residue on the car.
  • If you're planning to sell your vehicle after removing the wrap, it is best to take it back to the shop that installed the wrap for professional service. This is highly advisable if the wrap on your car is starting to come apart or if the vinyl is laid on aged or aftermarket car paint. The more painstaking the removal process is, the higher the service fee.

Better Resale Value

Since vinyl wraps don't last forever, you'll always have your car's original paint. If you decide to sell your vehicle after several years of use, it is wise to bring back your car's original factory colour to keep its resale value intact. Cars that have undergone several customisations including having a bright exotic colour or other out-of-this-world hues do not appeal to many buyers, lowering their resale value than those pre-loved vehicles that keep their original features.

Caution: Getting Your Car Wrapped May Not Be the Best Option

Despite the many benefits of car wrapping, there are specific situations where it is not favourable to have it done, including:

  • Location. If you live in an area with extreme climates⁠—super cold or supper dry⁠—it may be in your best interest not to get a vinyl wrap. While snow and road salt will not damage vinyl wraps, it is difficult to install a vehicle wrap on record cold days since a minimum of 50 degrees is typically required for installation. On the other hand, constant exposure to extreme heat can easily wear out your car's wrap.
  • Vehicle Condition. Noticeable dents, scratches and other damage to your car will show up on the car's surface once it is wrapped. It is best to have these issues fixed first before covering your vehicle in vinyl.
  • Garage. It is highly advisable to keep your vinyl wrapped car in a closed garage when not in use. The more it is exposed to the elements, the faster the wrap gets damaged.

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