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Why (and how) Loans are Online

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When was the last time you went into a bank to access your money?

How about the last time you went to a post office or even a letter box?

“Ages”, would be the answer for most.

Loans are no exception.

We explain how and why loan and finance applications are done through your device.

It’s all on your phone or device

Applying for a loan isn’t like it once was. Nowadays, you can complete the entire process from your device.

You can select and enter vehicle details, loan amounts and, of course, toggle selections suited to your circumstances.

Documents are a large part of the application process.

Photos taken with a smartphone will often suffice for requested documents like ID and Medicare cards. Just make sure it's clear with minimal shadows.

Other documents like bank statements or payslips are another common requirement and these too can be sent from your bank to a loan provider - with your permission, of course.

The process is secure and used by tens of thousands of applicants every hour.

So, what’s the process?

It can depend on the applicant and type of loan, but here’s a general rundown...

  1. (online) Enter your loan amount and vehicle details you’re looking for. Not sure? No problem, it can be adjusted later.
  2. (online) Select options suited to your needs and enter your contact details.
  3. (online) Receive your quote and complete the details by phone or online.
  4. (online) The team assesses your circumstances and contacts you with suitable options.
  5. (can be online) It’s car shopping time! Our vehicle locator can make finding one easier if you require.
  6. (online) After settling on the price of the vehicle, final details are adjusted, along with insurance information and the funds are transferred to the seller.

That’s it!

Depending on the seller, some buyers can arrange for the car to be delivered to your home, workplace or even a favourite cafe!

What if I have questions or need help?

Not to worry, professional help is just a call, email or message away.

Feel free to contact the team should you have any concerns or questions about the process of getting a car loan.

Why don’t people go into physical locations for loans anymore?

There are a few reasons why face-to-face appointments in physical locations for loans are no longer the norm.


Australians are no strangers to the convenience that online shopping brings.

That stats show it too. Online purchases were up 31.8% comparing June, 2020 to the same month in 2021.

Costs (time and money) are reduced when there’s no travel time for borrowers or documents.

One of the slowest parts of loan applications used to be waiting for documents to arrive and it often meant missing out on purchases to other buyers.

Luckily for consumers, online loan services solve this.

Significant time is saved when you don’t need to travel to a physical location and print and mail documents - or wait for them.

Nation-wide purchasing

Being online and digital means fast access to lending institutions all over the country.

For example, if an applicant in Perth matches specialised options offered by a lender in Brisbane, they’ll be able to send and receive documents and information instantly.

Furthermore is purchasing power. It’s not uncommon for someone to find that perfect vehicle located in a different part of the country. Thanks to the power of online services, they’ll be able to negotiate, arrange finance for and purchase a vehicle in an entirely different city or state.

This can require documents and information to be sent to multiple people in multiple locations.


In this day and age, minimising close contact and multiple people in the same location is especially important. The COVID pandemic has highlighted just how important it is to social distance.

Technology and online services play a key role in stopping the spread of the virus.

Applying for loans and getting the best service provided professionals is an online and over-the-phone process.

Can I still come in if I want to?

Yes, but it’s uncommon. Positive Lending Solutions is based in Adelaide, SA but services all of Australia.

We’re online specialists.

Make the most of your time and take advantage of our huge, nation-wide lender panel by accessing finance online through our secure portal.

Amazing internet stats

  • There are a whopping 32.47 million mobile phone subscriptions in Australia (despite a population of 25.36 million).
  • There are 7.77 billion people in the world and 4.54 billion of those people are active online. However, only 0.6% of those users are in Oceania and Australia.
  • Australia’s internet penetration is around 88%, much higher than the global average of 59.5%.
  • In Australia, around 95% of online searches are through Google. Bing is second at 3.65% while Yahoo! and DuckDuckGo make up 0.8% and 0.6% respectively.

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