Best EOFY Car Deals for 2018

Here are the Best EOFY Car Deals for 2018

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Car sales in Australia always spike in June as car shoppers take advantage of the sales and special offers that are available at the End Of Financial Year Sales.

The customer service team at Positive Lending Solutions can help you to secure a great value car loan so you can take advantage of the dealer offers before EOFY.

The best EOFY car deals for 2018:

Buying a car at the end of the financial year can secure you a deal that's thousands of dollars cheaper than what you'll pay at other times of the year. It's a buyers market as dealers compete to secure sales, so take advantage of this to get yourself the best possible car purchase package.

The following deals are available on all vehicles from small cars to utes and delivery vans, and upmarket prestige vehicles. Here are the top offers to look out for:

Off-road costs covered

Stamp duty, registration fees, insurance, and dealer delivery fees can add up to five thousand dollars or more to your car purchase price. At EOFY dealers often advertise special drive-away pricing that will include some or all of these costs. It's a significant saving, and one you should definitely look for.

Extra features on prestige models

Reducing the sticker price of a car can cause resale values to drop, which isn't good for repeat business the manufacturers want to secure, or for you as the car buyer. To get around this, some brands will offer additional value with extras, including leather seats, alloy wheels, or paying the GST on the purchase price on your behalf. These extras can represent a significant value of thousands, so negotiate to ensure you're given a premium package.

Some dealers may also advertise a cashback offer, fuel card or gift card with purchase instead that picks up your expenses in another area.

Value-add offers

Some companies have responded to the need to stand out amongst the competition by extending warranty periods from three years to five years or longer or offering a trade-in discount on top of the best trade-in price that you can negotiate with the sales staff. Free servicing during the warranty period is another value-add that can save you a couple of thousand dollars.

Competitive ABN financing

Buying a car on a weekly payment is an attractive way to spread the costs of purchasing a new vehicle in the EOFY sales. Many lenders offer very competitive commercial car finance at this time of year, and when you purchase before June 30 you can claim back the purchase on tax, taking advantage of the tax breaks provided by the government.

These include GST and the $20k instant asset write-off. Consult your accountant to see how you can effectively fund your purchase and gain the maximum tax benefits for your business.

4 steals for June 2018

These cars are our pick for the EOFY deals available in June 2018.

1. Small Car: Holden Astra, new from $19,990 drive-away

For personal or business use, the Holden Astra represents excellent value and hatchback practicality. The price has dropped significantly since the initial launch in Australia. Read the full review to learn more.

Holden Astra2018 Astra - Image courtesy of Cars Guide

2. Family SUV: Hyundai Tucson, new from $27,990 drive-away

The Tucson is an ideal suburban family car, and in June it comes with a $1,000 factory bonus. The drive-away price includes 12 months registration, CTP, dealer delivery and stamp duty. Read the review to see if the Tucson is a worthy addition to your shortlist, or check out seven other family car options.

Hyundai Tucson

2018 Tucson Active - Image courtesy of Cars Guide.

3. Performance: VW Golf GTI from $38,490 drive-away

This car is a favourite of ours, matching its rivals in performance while maintaining it's classic elegance and style. Here's why we'd buy one at the drop of a price-tag. This is the lowest price it's ever been in Australia, so it's an opportune time to purchase if a three-door model suits your needs.

VW Golf GTIVW Golf GTI now more affordable - image courtesy of Cars Guide.

4. 4WD Ute: Holden Colorado LS 4x4 from $39,990 drive-away

This competent work ute is available with a five-year unlimited-kilometre warranty, five years of roadside assistance and a $1,000 ABN bonus available to any ABN holders.

Holden Colorado

2018 Colorado LS - a great deal for ABN holders. Image courtesy of Car Advice.

Read the review of the 2013 Holden Colorado to find out why it's been popular with businesses, and negotiate a great deal from 26 available trim/body/gearbox options to get the right car for the job.

If none of these options are quite right, check out our 9 best cars under $30,000 for ideas on suitable models.

Tips for getting the best EOFY car deals in 2018

Here's some guidelines for getting great EOFY car deals:

1. Know What Car You Need

No matter how great the sale price is, if you don't buy a car that's exactly what you need, you'll be wasting the money. Before you start visiting dealerships, do your research.

Start by narrowing down exactly what you need the car to do, and then choose the models and makes of vehicle that are best at doing these tasks. Read car reviews to see which options others are choosing and to find out about potential issues with the models you like. Consider running costs as well as functionality.

This research will mean you can narrow in on what you need at the dealership quickly and focus on getting the best price, as you've already decided on the basic features and model that you need.

2. Beat the dealers at their game

Salespeople at the car dealerships will use the EOFY sales as a chance to clear out their stock. Start by doing your research online to find out what prices to expect on the vehicle that you want. Take the lowest price you find into the dealership and challenge the salesperson to beat it.

If you're willing to buy a car that's in stock in June, you'll probably get a better deal. Negotiate the price, as there is pressure from the manufacturers to clear stock, there's a good chance you'll be able to knock the price even lower. Be prepared to be a little flexible with colours and accessories to secure a great deal on a stock clearance model.

3. Get A Car Loan Pre-Approval

You shouldn't pay more for your car loan than you have to. The whole point of waiting until the EOFY car deals is to save on your purchase price. A bad deal on your car finance could quickly eat up your savings, so do your research on your car finance just like you do for your car.

Getting a car loan pre-approval allows you to separate your car finance from the car purchase, ensuring you get the best price for both.

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