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Can SsangYong Musso Hold Its Own Against the Crowd-Favourites?

There's a new ute in town and it claims to be as strong and dependable yet more affordable than its rivals. Let's see how this South Korean workhorse fare against the crowd favourites.

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The Best Car Loans for Tradies

Being a tradie almost depends on having a good vehicle to store your tools and get you to your jobs on time. Finding the right car loan for you will help you get on the road and maintain your business

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What is Car Loan Serviceability?

Positive Lending Solutions understands that the car loan process comes with many unfamiliar terms. Understanding what car loan serviceability is will help you through the initial steps.

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The Ultimate Guide to a Chattel Mortgage

A chattel mortgage or a business car loan can offer numerous benefits to those looking to purchase a car for business purposes. From tax deductions to flexible loan terms, find out if this is the right car finance option

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Your Guide to Chattel Mortgage and GST

Using your car for business 50% or more of the time? Consider a chattel mortgage and you could enjoy numerous GST benefits and tax deductions as well as flexible loan terms.

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The Ultimate Guide to Used Car Loans

Getting a used car loan is a relatively simple process which we can help you with. Understanding the pitfalls to avoid can help save you time, money and stress with a used car loan.

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What You Need to Know About Unsecured Business Car Loans

Need a car for your daily business? Getting an unsecured business car loan can suit many workers who want to own a car from purchase and enjoy tax benefits as well as other advantages.

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Guide to New Car Loans

New car loans have many benefits including lower interest rates. Find the right new car loan for you and you could enjoy being on the road in no time at all - enjoying manageable repayments.

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What are the Best Selling Cars of 2018?

Getting expert advice about the right car loan for you could help you to become the owner of one of the best selling cars in 2018. Whatever you're looking for, get in touch today!

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Which are the Best Consumer Cars in 2018?

Get the right car loan for you and you could be driving one of the best selling consumer cars of 2018. There's tonnes of choice and some great models available for you to enjoy.

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Choosing a car loan repayment schedule

Whether it works to make your car loan repayments on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, research the pros and cons. Our simple to use car loans calculator will give you the answers you need.

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How do Secured Car Loans Work?

Getting a secured car loan could mean you and your family getting on the road in the vehicle that you've been wanting. There are lots of benefits to finding a secured car loan so contact us today!

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Which are the best SUVs of 2018?

What makes a good SUV? Off-road capability, boot space, towing capacity, comfortable family seating? See what some of the best selling SUVs in Australia are in 2018

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10 of the Best City Cars in 2018

Cities require great cars - easy to drive, easy to park, easy to maintain. Find the right city car for you and contact us to find out how we can help you find the right car loan to get you on the road

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Which SUV Should I Buy?

Explore our list of 10 best SUVs to choose from in 2018, ranging from ideal family cars to SUVs best suited for off road adventures.

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Do I Need a Car Loan Guarantor?

Getting a guarantor on a car loan can help you get approved. Finding the right guarantor with a good credit record is ideal.

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4 Questions To Help Decide If A Car Loan Is Worth It

Deciding whether financing a car is worth it can be a difficult decision to make on your own. Understanding what car loans involve and whether they'll suit your situation is the first step.

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Calculate your car loan borrowing power

Understanding your capacity for borrowing money for a car loan will help you during the car loan process. Make various calculations using a simple to use loan calculator to be on the road sooner!

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How Much Car Finance Can You Apply For?

Understanding how much car finance you can apply for can be tricky but it's worthwhile and there's a helpful repayment calculator available to give you a good estimate. Let the experts help you on.

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Can You Get a Car Loan With No Licence?

For various reasons, people may look to get car finance without a driving licence. Although this is possible, it can cause complications further down the line especially when it comes to registering.

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Find Out What a Car Loan Establishment Fee or Origination Fee is

It's important that you budget appropriately when getting a car loan so you need to be aware of all costs - understanding terminology such as establishment and origination fees.

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